Deban: My advice to the Trackshittaz: Ditch the neon sluts, and solidify your own choreography as a duo. Just because you’re allowed to have six performers on stage does not mean you should have six performers on stage! Also, this rehearsal is identical to the performance the Wiwi Jury judged, so our opinions are likely to be identical to what we previously scored. Are they bringing anything new to this? The answer according to this ‘impression’ is NO. I must say though: “Woki mit deim Popo” will work fantastically in a packed arena. It’s got that stadium rap vibe to it.

Get a little closer, Lukas….

Wiwi: At today’s press conference, the Trackshittaz denied that their song was sexist. “We have been criticised in Austria for that, but there’s a difference between sexism and sexual,” they said. “Of course we have some sexual influences, but it’s not too obvious like some of the other music videos that exist.” I suppose he has a point. Porn videos feature women, like, entirely naked, whereas this performance has them wearing skimpy bustiers while climbing poles. And there’s only one vulgar moment when Lukas’ head is rather close to one of those pole dancer’s vajayjay. All in all, this performance is what I expected—raunchy, dirty, silly, and, depending on whether they have cleaned those poles, somewhat unhygienic. But it’s seriously fun. Isn’t that what Eurovision is all about?

Vebooboo: I LOVE THIS!!  I mean, you’ve got two awkward-dancing rappers running around on stage, acting like pimps surrounded by four neon green-wearing prostitute-wannabes. What isn’t there to love here? Eurovision is about randomness–don’t forget that in 2006 alien looking people won by a landslide–so I actually think this could make the Final. The guys are adorable in real life, and they really command the stage, especially when they dash to the sides before coming back to their ho’s. Douze points for creativity from me!


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