Deban: Pumping up the volume on a kitsch performance, Pasha Parfeny juxtaposes lots of random images to tell his story. It’s typically Moldovan in that he reverses the notion of “less is more.” His three-minute melody “Lautar” translates into an exercise of how much is possible within such a short time-frame. Furthermore, the stage moves could have only been choreographed by a schizophrenic dance student. The whole performance lacks cohesion! It’s so busy, it’s almost dizzying. On a positive note, though, the song is growing on me. Despite what I’ve said, I really like it. It would work much better as a stripped down jazz version.

Wiwi: Subtlety has never been a strength of Moldova at Eurovision. Cue Pasha Parfeny and his zebra-print LED screen with pulsating red lips. The most bizarre moment of an incredibly bizarre performance is when Pasha literally rides one of his back-up dancers. It’s sexually suggestive. But just before the words “doggy style” come into your head, the dog transforms into a raft, and Pasha starts to paddle. Did you hear that? Wiwi just let out a WTF of epic proportions. Elsewhere, if you look really close at Pasha’s shorts (as in the photo above), you’ll notice that the coloring of the pants emphasizes his package. I don’t know if this is deliberate, but judging from our interview with Pasha at Eurovision in Concert, it might be. He is saucy!

Vebooboo: Pasha really turned me on in Amsterdam, and his staging team sure as hell didn’t forget to turn on the LED screen during his first rehearsal yesterday. I love this performance — it keeps consistent with the Moldovan philosophy of “let’s leave people confused but pleasantly amused”. My personal highlight is when Pasha makes it crystal clear to all the gay viewers out there that he wants a woman. That’s right people, he literally rides one of the back-up dancers for a good 5 seconds in the middle of the performance before using her as a canoe. Pasha clearly has some kinky sex habits, and his first rehearsal left me wanting more. The only thing missing is a bit of a diet on his part — that gut jiggles way too much when he does the cute dance move with his hands! If this doesn’t make the Final I will be utterly disappointed…and surprised.


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12 years ago

Well, it’s good to know someone is looking close enough for everyone 😉
It was a bit shambolic. I lament the loss of the folk band, but I’m reserving judgement on the new stage show until I know what they’re trying to acheive, which is far from obvious at present.

12 years ago

Dear Pasha: what the heck was the dance I just saw???
Moldova’s entries always make me smile and Zdob & Zdub guys are quite genies in my opinion. I loved So Lucky last year, especially that Romanian entry was sort of boring…but their choreography this year is horrible! Change it!!!