On May 30, just four days after winning Eurovision 2012, Loreen flew to London to appear on BBC Breakfast—Britain’s most-watched morning news program. It’s taken several weeks, but a kind soul somewhere out there has finally uploaded the interview clip to YouTube for all y’all outside of the U.K. In the segment, which you can watch below, Loreen claims to be watching her winning Eurovision performance for the first time. “I don’t dare [watch it]. I’m so critical,” she says. The announcer reminds her that she won, and asks Loreen what was going through her head while watching it. “God, OK, I wonder how that move is gonna look,” she says. “OK, next step. Thank God.”

Loreen proves once again that she’s a lady with class. She handles some rather pointed questions with the skill of an international diplomat, and refuses to throw mud on anyone’s performance. At one point she is asked to explain why Engelbert Humperdinck did so poorly. Rather than talking about his perceived shortcomings, she brings the question back to her. “I think that people liked my performance because it’s not usual for Eurovision. Usually they have big clothes, it’s a lot of lightning, it’s max. I had a message there. I wanted everything to be simple.”

Later, she defends public support of the Buranovskiye Babushki. The host suggests they didn’t deserve to place second, but Loreen says it makes complete sense. “I understand that,” she says. “Five ladies with enormous knowledge, and they had innocence. The old lady…it was almost like watching a child. It wasn’t about the song. It was about their energy.”