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At Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf, Bulgaria’s Poli Genova finished a respectable 12th in her semi-final with “Na Inat.” That made her only the second Eurovision entry (after Elica and Stundji, of course) that Bulgarians were not ashamed of. Fame came quickly, and she went on to judge the first season of The X Factor in Bulgaria. She is now preparing her debut album, which will drop sometime at the end of the year.

But summer is here, and Poli can’t help but release a bit of sunshine ahead of her album release. It comes with a little help from the girl trio LaTiDa. Poli and LaTiDa know each other well: all of the ladies were a part of BonBon, the famous Bulgarian children’s group that represented Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision in 2007 (one of the members of BonBon also featured in the JESC documentary Smells Like Teen Spirit).

Their song is called ‘Soleni dni’, which means ‘Salty Days’. They first performed it in front of teen star Selena Gomez at a party in a Sofia nightclub. This fresh summer cut smacks of old school reggae with a modern twist. You can download it legally (and for free) by clicking here.

Poli and her team shot the music video on the Bulgarian coast. It tells the story of four fabulously dressed beauties, who decide to go to the sea. They give up all the luxury they are accustomed to, and let their hair down for some uninhibited fun. Portions of the video were filmed in a gypsy ghetto (No, Sofi Marinova is not in it. She only does classy).

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11 years ago

Good for her!! :d