The Swedish House Wives—that’s Jenny Silver, Pernilla Wahlgren and Hanna Hedlund—have described themselves as “Christer Björkman’s wet dream.” If an SVT poll is any indicator, then they’ve aroused a lot of other Swedes, too.

The group, which Swedish state broadcaster SVT brought together for Melodifestivalen, won an informal poll conducted by SVT on Facebook. They claimed 133 votes to runner-up Sean Banan’s 85. Anton Ewald—Eric Saade’s old back-up dancer—came third with 81.

Speaking to Scandipop, the singers said they simply couldn’t say no after SVT approached them. “It’s certainly a dream team,” they said. “[SVT] had the song, and they tried to figure out a fun and unexpected combination, and they came up with our names! And we all thought it was a great idea.”

That song—”On Top of the World”— was written and produced by Thomas G:Son and Peter Boström, the same men behind Loreen’s winning number “Euphoria” from last year. After listening to the one-minute preview on the SVT web site, wiwibloggs can confirm it’s a strong contender. The upbeat dance number is everything you want from the club genre. It’s light, frothy, and full of uplifting—if totally trite—lyrics. We love!

You can read the lyrics from the one-minute preview below. Just bob your head while reading them and you’ll have a good sense of the song.

Partial lyrics for “On Top of the World”:

Take me for a ride, take me for a ride
Ready to take off, ready to take off

Let me come inside, let your heart decide
I can’t get enough, I can’t get enough

Only the sky is the limit
We’re stars tonight

We’re on top of the world
Oh, baby
We are dancing on the edge of love
We’re on top of the world
Oh, baby
We are shining like the stars above

Only you and I
We’re the ones tonight
And we’re flying high
On top of the world,
Oh, baby
We are dancing on the top,
Dancing on the top of the world

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Ooh, I love their entry… But can’t they find a better name for the group? Cookies N Beams is another that really need a name change!