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Ryan Dolan, Ireland’s 2013 Eurovision contestant, has been asked to be a contestant on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’….in Germany. Strange right? Rather than going for a German Eurovision contestant producers have invited Ryan. He confirmed it on Twitter a few hours ago, but we still don’t know whether he has accepted.


Here are the basics of IACGMOOH for those of you who have no idea. The show invites “celebrities” (think washed up pop stars like Kerry Katona from Atomic Kitten) to the jungle where they must face off in challeges like “move the box” where producers dump creepy-crawlies all over them. After a while, the public votes for the person they want to see go home, and eventually someone wins and becomes an even more minor celebrity.

Over in Germany it’s called ‘Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!’ Many singers, yet no Eurovision singers, have competed in this bizarre competition. Could Ryan be the first Eurovision singer to compete? Maybe you can influence him with your comments below. Do you want Ryan to do it?

Here’s a trailer for the German series:

William Cahill contributed this report from Ireland. Follow the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs and keep up with the latest Eurovision news by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: Ryan Dolan

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8 years ago

Hahaha!!! I’m from Germany and I love this show(even if it’s TV at its lowest level). This is the funniest thing I’ve read the last days. :DD It would be soooo hilarious if he actually participated. Hahaha. :))

8 years ago

He speaks German? Because if he does not speak German, it will be obliged to subtitled !!!! :p