It’s double trouble, y’all. Severina, the Croatian Madonna and the country’s Eurovision 2006 contestant, has teamed up with Goran Karan, the country’s contestant from 2000. They’ll appear in a new musical entitled “Nasa bila storija”.

The story has hints of Romeo and Juliet….except that it takes place in 1970s Split. The two main characters are deeply in love, but their parents have been in loggerheads since the Second World War. Hated it! Severina portrays Ana, who sings in a choir, and Goran takes on Duje, a young member of the football club Hajduk from Split. Severina has said she can totally see herself in this story.

The couple falls in love, but their parents do not approve. So a desperate Ana tries to kill herself by jumping into the sea.

“The truth is that all the characters in the musical are fictitious, but true connoisseurs of Hajduk will perhaps recognize some characters and their personalities, because we kept some historical facts,” Goran has said. “I personally like football and this story really means a lot to me.” 

Of course, the couple won’t be alone. So far Danijela Martinovic (who sang for Croatia at Eurovision in 1998), Giuliano, Tedi Spalato, Arijana Culina and Stefan Kokoskov have confirmed their appearance. Can we get some Loreen up in there?

Nenad Nincevic, who co-composed the play with Goran, points out that the story does have a happy ending. An official premiere is set for the spring 2014 and Nenad believes that it will eventually go on tour across the world.

Nenad has praised Severina: “Severina and I are old friends. She is one of the few colleagues who has stayed the same and has not changed.”

It will be not be the first time that Severina appears on a theater stage. She previously acted in “Karolina Rijecka”,”Cekajuci svog covika” and “Gospoda Glembajevi”.

You can see footage from the play here.

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