Finland is getting ready to turn up the heat on Eurovision, y’all!  The first heat of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu—the Finnish national selection—takes place on 11 January. One winner will advance directly to the final. One act will be sent home. The four remaining acts will compete (again) on 25 January.

But you don’t have to wait until next Saturday to express your opinion about who should win the first heat of #umk14. You can listen to the first six semi-finalists below and can then vote in our poll, which closes at 5pm GMT on Friday 10 January. You can vote for as many contestants as you’d like, but you can only vote one time. It’s up to you, Europe. Let Finland know your favourites now!

The Contestants


Dennis Fagerström

Jasmin Michaela

Hukka ja Mama


Lili Lambert

The Poll

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7 years ago

Softengine to win this heat. Mikko Pohjola to win the whole thing.

7 years ago

My TOP 3 in UMK 2014

1. MIAU with God/Drug
2. Jasmin Michaela with Kertakäyottsydän
3. Lauri Mikkola with Going Down

Nick P.
7 years ago

This is a really strong Finnish final but this is certainly the weaker of the two semis.

1) Hukka ja Mama – Selja
2) Softengine – Something Better
3) Lili Lambert – Let Me Take You There
4) Jasmin Michaela – Kertakäyttösydän
5) MIAU – God/Drug
6) Dennis Fagerström – My Little Honey Bee (this is by far the worst song in UMK 2014. I’d expect this to die in a Maltese semi-final.)

7 years ago

I like Jasmin Michaela but I think Let me take you there is better. Although, it has those lyrics…so yeah:

1) Jasmin Michaela
2) Lili Lambert
3) Softengine
5) Hukka ja Mama
6) Dennis Fagerstorm

7 years ago

My Prediction:
1) Jasmin Michaela with “Kertakäyottsydän”
2) Hukka ja Mama with “Selja”
3) Softengine with “Something Better”
4) Lili Lambert with “Let Me Take You There”
5) MIAU with “God/Drug”
6) Dennis Fagerström with “My Little Honey Bee”

7 years ago

Oh man, just one vote for MIAU. lol

7 years ago

Wikipedia says the first semi-finalists are Softengine, Dennis Fagerström, Jasmin Michaela, Hukka ja Mama, MIAU, and Lili Lambert but whatever

If this is the actual first semi-finalists Hanna Sky by far, but if Wikipedia’s right then Jasmin Michaela.

7 years ago

Hanna Sky – Hope 😀