On the 22nd of February, Latvia decides which song should represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Patrick Melbler, our Austrian correspondent, spent last weekend catching up with some of the finalists. Today he meets Katrine Lukins.

Congratulations on making the final! How does it feel to be a part of Eurovision?

Thank you so much! I’m verry happy to hear that and to speak with you! It feels very good and exciting. It’s an amazing experience which I’ll never forget.

Your song is called “You are the reason”. What is your song about and does it have a special meaning for you?

The song is about that one person in your life that makes you feel good and happy. And you could do anything for that person. And he/she is the reason you feel alive. The person makes you strong and fills you with energy. I hope that people understand the message of the song and that you can relate to it.

Why do you think it would be good for Eurovision? 

The song is about love and Eurovision is full of love. I feel the love and the power when I sing my song. It’s actually a very emotional song and I like singing it cause I get very emotional every time I sing it.

Why did you decide to enter the contest?

We wrote “You are the reason” in September 2013. My dad presented an idea about the song to Karlis Indrisonoks, he played some cords on acoustic guitar. Karlis then made a instrumental track and sent it to me so I could write the melody and the lyrics while I was in Sweden. And then we started to record the song. We worked hard until everyone was satisfied with the sound! We felt that this song could be intresting in Eurovision!


Have you heard the other songs competing for the ticket to Copenhagen? Which songs do you like?

Of course I heard the Latvian-contestants but not the international ones. There are a lot of good songs in the Dziesma final this year so it‘s hard to say who is going to be the winner.

How did you feel on the Dziesma stage during your semi-final?

Well actually it could be better. I wasn’t really happy about my performance, some things didn’t worked, so I was hoping so much for the final. But I’m convinced that our performance will be better in the Grand-final.

Are you a Eurovision fan? What is your favourite Latvian entry?

Oh yes I really am! I totally like Brainstorm‘s song “My star” the most. It was a really touching song.

Who gives you strength for Eurovision?

The biggest power I get from my family and everyone that supports me. Of course my fans are a big power-station for me too.

491090Do you have a message for our readers on wiwibloggs.com?

Dear wiwibloggs.com readers: Be yourself, do what you love and never give up! Thank you for reading and supporting me. I wish you all the best.

It was an honour to speak with you. I wish you good luck at the Grand final and maybe we can hear your song in Copenhagen too!

Thank you very much. It was really exciting for me. Lots of love from Riga!

Did you like her performance in the 2nd Semi Final? Post your comment below.

Patrick Melbler contributed this report from Austria. Follow him on Twitter @eurovisionboy77. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following wiwibloggs.com on Twitter and Facebook.

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10 years ago

Well, she is officially a Latvian, so there is nothing wrong with it.
And as far as I am concerned, we should send her to Copenhagen. Her and her song is the best we have this year. If we send Dons instead,well, it will be another failure by Latvians.

10 years ago

Katrine is Latvian, she was just raised in Sweden. She can’t help that, and anyways, if she was allowed to compete in the first place I’m sure she is considered to be “Made in Latvia”.

10 years ago

@davve: No! The point of Dziesma’s “Made in Latvia” is to ensure at least one country isn’t bring a song fresh off the Swedish-schlanger conveyor belt.

10 years ago

My favourite in Dziesma this year, she could do very well in Copenhagen 😀

10 years ago

A swede for Latvia at eurovision would be nice!