First Runner-Up: Ireland’s Kasey Smith

Can-Linn and Kasey Smith have been tearing up WiwiBloggs.Com since they were selected to sing for Ireland back in February. Not only are they your current favourite to win Eurovision on the 10th May but they are also second favourite to advance from the Second-Semi Final on the 8th May at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen. Kasey is also fifth favourite to be named Eurovision’s Next Top Model and is only around 3000 votes short of current leader Paula Selling from Romania.

WiwiBlogger Deban caught up with Kasey to get the low down on all things Can-Linn, ‘Heartbeat’ and her all important opinion on her ranking on ENTM.

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Marcelo N
9 years ago

…and I thought she was lukewarm. Maybe she’s just young and afraid? Hmm, well then, send in someone who is stage-hungry, oi?

9 years ago

This song gives me only one thing, “Earache”.

Yet again, Ireland, will end up at the bottom of the pile.

9 years ago

Love the interview.Kasey is so lovely

Deven O'Kearney
9 years ago

I am glad that things are starting to look up for Ireland. I know why her first rehearsal was off key. She had very bad stage fright. She is now a lot more confident and I think that she will shine in front of the juries on Wednesday. I think that she will most likely qualify for the final because not only is it well staged but it has:

The UK

That is 9 allies to help us get past the semi finals.