The guys of Softengine have been making news all over the pages of wiwibloggs in recent weeks. Yesterday they released their hot new single “The Sirens”. And before that we filmed them performing to an adoring audience on the OGAE Finland Eurovision Cruise from Helsinki to Tallinn. While they were cruising across the Baltic, the band took the time to chat with wiwibloggs about the departure of one of their bandmates, making kebabs, their favourite acts from Eurovision and, of course, their new album “We Created the World”, which drops on October 17. Henri is totes excited. As he tells us: “It’s going to be a lot of different genres. In my opinion it’s going to be a huge album.”

Softengine Interview: Eurovision Cruise 2014

Softengine sing “Something Better” live on the Eurovision Cruise

Softengine perform “We’re Talking to Myself”