Over the weekend, Eurovision stars Cristina Scarlat, Olia Tira and Nelly Ciobanu joined forces to help raise almost 1 million euros for the Mother and Child maternity institute in Chisinau, under the slogan Renaste Moldova (Moldova Reborn).

In a nation-wide telethon on Sunday, Moldovan artists including the above-mentioned Eurovision stars but also ESC hopefuls Boris Covali, Karizma and Ionel Istrati lent their time and ears to help raise over 980,000 euro needed for renovating the maternity center Mother and Child in Chisinau. The necessary 1,000,000-Euro sum was completed with a donation from one of the organisers, the Edelweiss Foundation.

Crstina Scarlat, Boris Covali, Karizma and Olia Tira also performed live during the 12-hour charity event. You can watch the entire show here:

Part I

Part II

And if you recognise the TV presenter, that’s because she is Andreea Marin, the host the 2006 Junior Eurovision edition in Bucharest.

Photo: Igor Rotari (Publika TV)