The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 was one of the most anticipated in the contest’s history, with a huge range of amazing talents on show. In the end, it was Italy’s Vincenzo Cantiello who was victorious in Malta with “Tu Primo Grande Amore” to the surprise of many. Having been considered an outsider — in our combined Wiwi Jury + poll results, he only placed 7th overall. The big question was where had he picked up votes from.

Well, we have the answers, as has revealed the full jury/televote split for the contest. Vincenzo dominated the jury vote, scoring a huge 143 points, nearly 30 points more than his nearest competitors – Armenia (114) and Malta (113). On the public vote, however, Vincenzo only finished joint 3rd with the Ukraine on 100 points. This was behind 2nd placed Armenia (124) and a long way behind the televote winners, Bulgaria who scored 143 points!

Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim were convincing winners of the televote – but the juries only placed them fourth with a much lower 86 points. That gave Vincenzo the edge.

Despite finishing second both with the juries and televoters, Armenia’s Betty ended up in third place. Malta’s Federica also scored much higher with the juries than she did on the televote, where she only finished seventh.

Other big differences include Sweden, who scored a shockingly low three points on the televote but mustered 39 from the juries, whilst Ula Lozar – recent winner of the Most Wronged Award in our Junior Awards – only managed 11 points with the juries, but 39 on the televoting.

Junior Eurovision 2014 Jury Results

1. Italy, 143 points
2. Armenia, 114 points
3. Malta, 113 points
4. Bulgaria, 86 points
5. Cyprus, 73 points
6. Russia, 72 points
7. Serbia, 65 points
8. Belarus, 62 points
9. The Netherlands, 44 points
10. Georgia, 44 points
11. Sweden, 39 points
12. Ukraine, 24 points
13. Montenegro, 21 points
14. Slovenia, 14 points
15. San Marino, 11 points
16. Croatia, 3 points

Junior Eurovision 2014 Televote Results

1. Bulgaria, 143 points
2. Armenia, 124 points
3. Ukraine, 100 points
4. Italy, 100 points
5. Russia, 89 points
6. The Netherlands, 69 points
7. Malta, 64 points
8. Belarus, 58 points
9. Cyprus, 42 points
10. Georgia, 41 points
11. Slovenia, 39 points
12. Serbia, 34 points
13. San Marino, 11 points
14. Montenegro, 10 points
15. Sweden, 3 points
16. Croatia, 1 point

There’s much more detail still to come and we’ll be giving a deeper analysis in days to come once we’ve had more time to digest the figures – but what do y’all think about this new information? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @wiwibloggs!

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6 years ago

@Nikos – you’re completely right. Bulgaria is written into my “history” of winners, not Italy. EBU may have been slowly turning into its own type of UEFA/FIFA corruption model.

6 years ago

I find it so suspicious that host Malta and neighboring Italy got the most benefit while close competitor Bulgaira (and the real winner in my eyes) got thrown under the bus by the juries. Same issues happen in the main contest, sigh

6 years ago

Krisia had jury difficulties even after the unbelievably professional way that she reacted to the power outage? That’s odd…

6 years ago

Armenia was the best on stage, Bulgaria had very popular music video and that’s why they won televoting.

6 years ago

Juries > Televoting.

6 years ago

the juries back in eurovision has been one of the best decisions ever

6 years ago

Wow, Bulgaria shouldn’t have been killed by the juries.