In a photo shared by the official Junior Eurovision Facebook page today, we learned some very exciting news. The Sammarinese girl band, The Peppermints, will be going on tour later this year!

The girls were seen rehearsing at Queens Academy, a music school in Isernia. The school commented on their Facebook page (translated from Italian):

For professionals, no matterhow young, there are no parties, no Sundays!

While there are no further details yet, we are super excited that they are going strong! The sole Sammarinese member (and Sammarinese representative in 2015), Anita Simoncini, told us in an interview, “The Peppermints are far from over!” The tour confirms this – touring is the exact opposite of being over!

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Yudhistira Mahasena
7 years ago

Go to Indonesia please!!! One of my best friends, Imam, is a big fan of The Peppermints. And he and I can’t hardly wait for their concert if held in Indonesia!

7 years ago

They could open for the following…

*Bon Jovi
*Taylor Swift
*Selena Gomez
*Kelly Clarkson
*Lady Gaga
*One Direction (PS – I don’t care for 1D that much)
*Ariana Grande
*Nicki Minaj
*Jessie J

And more!!!