O melodie pentru Europa 2015, Moldova’s national selection, draws to a close tonight with its over-the-top, fantabulous final. Eduard Romanyuta won the first semi-final, while Pasha Parfeny’s protegees DoReDos topped the scoreboard in the second semi-final. But y’all have different favourites in mind! After voting in our poll, it has emerged that you want SunStroke Project and their song “Day After Day”, while Miss M is in a close second place with “Lonely Stranger”.

Sunstroke Project & DJ Michael Ra

SunStroke Project, who won the national final in 2010 with “Run Away” and went on to global viral success (in great part thanks to their Epic Sax Guy), are back again this year. Their song, “Day After Day” (feat. DJ Michael Ra), was not your favourite in the competition from the get-go (their other song “Lonely” was), but the dance band still remains your top pick for Vienna.

The semi-final performance did not disappoint and although they won neither the televote nor top jury marks, Epic Sax Guy still managed to grab the attention on social media and the band reasserted its star status.

Miss M, who was relatively unknown this time last year, won the jury vote on the second semi-final with her ballad “Lonely Stranger”, and is your second favourite to win tonight. Miss M was nine votes away from first place in your preferences, so you never know. She will perform first tonight however, so we shall see how this impacts her chances of success.


Next up is Eduard Romanyuta, who has been accused of copying one of Mariah Carey’s song for his “I Want Your Love”. Could this hurt his chances to win again tonight after Tuesday’s semi-final success?

Your fourth pick is Doinita Gherman, Moldova’s Sanna (it’s her seventh attempt to represent the country!). She dazzled with a flawless and fiery performance of “Inima fierbinte” (Fiery heart). Could she steal the spotlight tonight?


O melodie pentru Europa – Poll results

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Moldova’s National Final starts tonight at 18:45 CET and it will be broadcast live from Chisinau on TRM.md website  and on Eurovision.tv. Sixteen acts will enter the stage to give their very best to get the sought-after ticket to Vienna.

Running Order

1. Miss M – Lonely Stranger
2. Irina Kitoroaga – I’m Gonna Get You
3. Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love
4. Dana Markitan – Love Me
5. Diana Brescan – Up And Down
6. Doinita Gherman – Inima Fierbinte
7. DoReDos – Maricica
8. Stela Botan & The Cadence of Heart – Save Me
9. Mihaela Andrei – About Love
10. Lidia Isac – I Can’t Breathe
11.Glam Girls – Magia
12. Sunstroke Project & Dj Michael Ra – Day After Day
13. Julia Sandu – Fire
14. Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu Nazdravanu
15. Marcel Rosca – Feelings Will Never Leave
16. Valeria Pasa – I Can Change All My Life

Do you agree with the results? Do you have a different favorite? Sound off below!

Photos: unica.md, www.facebook.com/Sunstrokeofficial

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8 years ago

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8 years ago

It’s a shame Miss M has to start, she could’ve shone if put in 10th or somewhere in the middle. But, it’s before a pop sorta song so it should do well against that.

Juries will probably give her a few but for the televoters I’ve no idea (maybe fans didn’t want to waste money if they thought she’d get through anyway). She’d perform well after the down of last year (didn’t know where that went wrong really).

8 years ago

@Lollalol , nope, do not agree. It does not matter if it is only ballads in esc, cuz there is so many diffrent kinds of ballads. I mean Latvia, Ireland and F.Y.R are all ballads and do they sound the same? I do not think so.

8 years ago

Hannes: No, Eurovision is about diversity. Not about 40 female singers and same songs. Nobody would watch it. Doredos or Sunstroke Project please. And other countries: We are still waiting on rock, hip hop and other styles. If we won’t have it, we won’t watch.

8 years ago

Miss M please, it does not matter if there is many ballads or not, it matters if they are GOOD ballads or not 😛

8 years ago

With so many ballads already in the contest this year, a good up-tempo song is really needed. And Sunstroke Project’s song is so addicting, I was hooked from the first time I heard it. No doubt I would love to see them back at Eurovision

8 years ago

´… honestly? again? going for someone we already know from a previous year? ….stepping out of the box has gone away with the wind … no one cares …