Romania has been a forceful competitor in Eurovision since its debut, and has always qualified from the semi-finals without fail. A strong national selection is part of the reason why, and so we are looking towards Selectia Nationala to produce another strong song for Vienna. This year’s field is very strong, as we have the reincarnated Rednex (now known as CEJ), reinvented X Factor singer Lara Lee, and 2005’s Romanian representative Luminita Anghel (who gave Romania its highest position to date). To get y’all excited for the show on 8 March, the Wiwi Jury will be here to give you their opinions about the twelve songs fighting to fly the Romanian flag. We won’t try to be too harsh, don’t worry!

Each post will include comments from our multitude of journalist jurors. This time, the jury includes three Americans, an Australian, an Austrian, two Brits, a Finn, an Icelander, a New Zealander, a Scot, and two Spaniards. We are truly international!

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Selectia Nationala 2015: Reviews and current standings

  1. CEJ – “We Were In Love” (7.0)
  2. Ovidiu Anton – “Still Alive” (6.8)
  3. Lara Lee – “Superman” (6.7)
  4. Voltaj – “De la capat” (6.3)
  5. Tudor Turcu – “Save Us” (6.0)
  6. Cristina Vasiu – “Nowhere” (5.9)
  7. Baietii – “Dragoste in lanturi” (4.8)
  8. Rodica Aculova – “My Light” (4.7)
  9. Blue Noise – “Love Won’t Run Away” (4.7)
  10. Super Trooper – “Secret Place” (4.6)
  11. Aurelian Temisan feat. Alexa – “Chica Latina” (4.0)

*To break any ties, the jury will favor the song that more jurors preferred. Seven jurors preferred “My Light”, while six preferred “Love Won’t Run Away”.

Still to be reviewed

Luminita Anghel – A Million Stars