At the end of March, around 4,000 diehard Eurovision fans crowded together inside the Apollo Hammersmith in London to celebrate Eurovision’s 60th anniversary. Eurovision may be approaching retirement age, but, as the producers showed us, this lady is still kickin’ — and higher than ever before!

From the moment the “Eurovision’s Greatest Hits” concert plans were first announced, sceptics declared that the show would be a flop. With the BBC producing and Graham Norton and Petra Mede as hosts the whole thing would be a joke, they said. Thankfully, they were wrong. The presenting duo were amazing, while the staging was top notch and included a rather impressive LED screen, lots of pyro, flames, and, of course, wind machines. The Apollo stage was small, but the organisers managed to use every aspect to great effect.

Another highlight was the series of Eurovision vignettes that captured highlights through the years. Unfortunately not all of the mixes made the final cut because of time restraints. Among them is this megamix gem, which the show’s producers have kindly shared with us. It includes UK 1996, France 2008, and Poland 2014, among others. Enjoy…and long live the next 60 years!

“Eurovision’s Greatest Hits” Megamix

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6 years ago

This probably looked amazing on paper, all the lyrics do flow into each other, but the “megamix” song itself is dire, nothing works.

#MarioVision ~ Apollo Was The GreAtY God of The Iluminating Light! :)
#MarioVision ~ Apollo Was The GreAtY God of The Iluminating Light! :)
6 years ago

It must felt GreAtY 4 all these privileged lucky 4,000 eurofans that were inside the Apollo to celebrate the GreAtYest Hits Party 4 the 60 Visions of our beloved Contest! <3 🙂

6 years ago

Hope you also will will write something about the fact that Måns Zelmerlöw is nominated in 6 categories in World Music Awards. Maybe not so pretty common for ESC?