We’ve previously seen British viewers react to Eurovision 2014 and 2016 on Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

The format is simple. Friends and families watch television shows, ensuing in sometimes hilarious commentary and reactions.

Now, the show has made the short trip across the Irish sea to TV3. On last week’s edition of Gogglebox Ireland, the cast were tasked with watching Junior Eurovision 2016.

Brothers Feargal and Neal from Cavan didn’t hold out much hope: “It’s Junior Eurovision. It’s basically f***ing Eurovision except for kids. It’s just s**t.”

On the presenters:

We’ve already shared our critique of Malta’s presenting efforts. And the Irish Goggleboxers were equally unimpressed. Tracie and Anita from Dublin didn’t mince their words. “They need a smaller mic. It looks like a boil on the side of her face”.

On Jedward:

Jedward arrived on screen to a universal response of “They’d get in anywhere”.

Tracie and Anita disagreed on Ireland’s Eurovision 2011 and 2012 stars:

  • Ah, stop making a show of us!
  • Ah, no they’re not.
  • How’re they not?”

While Feargal and Neal had mixed emotions about the expert jury members: “They’re talentless, but like they’re good craic”.

On the postcards:

The postcards caused much confusion.

Is she not allowed on stage? It’s not a live performance? Where is she? Is this her song?

On Zena Donnelly:

But the confusion didn’t end with the postcards. As Ireland’s Zena Donnelly took to the stage, most families couldn’t work out what language she was singing in. Tracie and Anita again:

  • Is she singing in Gaelic?
  • I feckin’ don’t know.

Galway’s Gibbons-Coyle family thought it was “kinda cool” that she was singing in Irish.

The Adenuga family from Meath were easily Zena’s biggest fans: “You go girl, give them attitude”.

On the scoring:

The scoring caused some excitement, with Tracie and Anita professing their love for the Maltese after the island sent 12 points Ireland’s way: “We always love the Maltese, don’t we”.

The Cavan brothers were less enthused, deadpanning: “I’m just gripped with excitement here”.

As the show came to a close, the Adenuga sisters commended the Junior Eurovision spirit:

  • See, this kinda contest is good. See how they’re all so supportive of her. They’ve all obviously become friends. Now imagine if this was a beauty pageant. Who’s going to be hugging her?
  • They’d probably push her off the stage!

But the Gibbons-Coyle matriarch was having none of it: “I feel that these kids would be better off hanging around street corners”.

And what did Feargal and Neal think of Junior Eurovision after all that? Did they still think it was s**t?

“All I say is, I think that we did better than the adult version because they’re actually singing songs. They’re not trying to… bringing old ladies or bringing big drums or big dance sets. At least they were just singing”.

Junior Eurovision 2016 on Gogglebox Ireland

What did you think of Junior Eurovision 2016? Let us know in the comments below.


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6 years ago

Padraig, what episode of Gogglebox was this?

6 years ago

Paul- same aha! Ever since Zena said ‘Holy B’Jesus’ in a thick Irish accent in a q&a I’ve been obsessed with the accent.

6 years ago

I’ve just read every single comment from those watching in an Irish accent!

6 years ago

I think I prefer the Americans watching Eurovision proper 2016

6 years ago

aww no mention of the anticlimatic result announcement at all? bet it would’ve been funny.

6 years ago

People need to stop criticizing this long running singing event for children. What started in 2003 is still coutinuing no matter what, even if people don’t like the new format. I can’t say whether the criticism should be ignored later on, without understanding why people would say such ugly statements, but one thing’s for sure: people everywhere just have to follow the journey! 🙂