Robin Stjernberg Feed On My Love

In 2013 he represented the host nation at Eurovision with the perfect piano pop song “You”.

And this week Robin Stjernberg reminded the world exactly why Sweden is so smitten with him when he revealed his new single “Feed On My Love”.

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Emotional and epic songs about unrequited love are what Robin does best, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint with this new release.

A gospel choir lends Robin a hand on the new song, which serves as a contrast to his last single “Rain”, which was remixed by Didrick.

Understandably, our Swedish heartthrob is already bouncing off the walls about his new track. Writing in the single’s official press release, he says:

“For me, I love the song incredibly much, not only because I feel I got a good song but also because it shows a whole new side of myself. I let people see my creative side more in depth.”

Robin is a man wronged, and the gritty piano compliments his grungy new look on the single cover. Work that grey scale!

The shy teenager we met on Swedish Idol has long been forgotten, however with that revenge-fuelled chorus, we won’t be missing him any time soon.

Robin Stjernberg “Feed On My Love” (Official Audio)

Sweden at Eurovision

Sweden has racked up a more than impressive record at Eurovision in recent years. Out of the last six contests, the Scandinavian nation has finished in the top five five times.

Unfortunately for Robin, it was his stint in 2013 that interrupted the pattern. Still, his 14th place finish is nothing to be scoffed at.

Much of Sweden’s success is down to its multi-week national selection process Melodifestivalen. The 2017 edition of the pop extravaganza is set to kick off this Saturday, 4 February.

Eurovision winners Loreen and Charlotte Perrelli will do battle with Melfest veterans like Mariette and Wiktoria, as well as newcomers such as The Fooo Conspiracy and Benjamin Ingrosso.


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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
7 years ago

@Polegend Godgarina: Awww! That’s actually a really sweet story about your life. 🙂 (I wish you would have been more honest to your date though.) I think the idea of “let you feed on my love” in Robin’s song is that he gave the person his whole body, heart and soul; but the person took it and spat it back at him. It’s actually not a very sweet story for Robin! 🙁 Generally the concept also implies giving sex as nourishment for desire; quite literally in the case of Margaret Berger’s song “I feed you my love.” There is a… Read more »

7 years ago

@Polegend Godgarina: You really had to call the kid “drama queen”? Seriously? Wasn’t there any other non-gay-esque compliment you could have given to him? … Anyway … MY BOY is back! What a great song! Soulful just the way I always expect from him. It’s in his soul bringing this sort of music and deliver this kind of singing. That’s what I can true singing (not drag queen-lip sync) and true music. As for the title … do we really have to take the Eurovision cliché that far? Seriously? Mentioning Margaret Berger’s 2013 entry title just to refer this new… Read more »

Polegend Godgarina
7 years ago

Omg, he really is a drama queen, but in a good way because I love dramatic songs. Either way, what does feeding someone with love even mean? I link it to a personal experience I had two years ago at the Ariana Grande concert. Dozens of people were passing out bc it was so hot and there was no air in the arena, and I was starting to faint too, but this random guy offered me something to eat and drink and I came alive again and enjoyed the concert with him. I felt like he fed me his love.… Read more »