Dina Garipova Pyatyy Element Russia 2013

She managed an impressive fifth place at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö.

And while her successors Polina Gagarina and Sergey Lazarev might grab a lot of the headlines, Russian songstress Dina Garipova is still doing what she does best.

Just last month, she released her latest single “Pyatyy Element” (Fifth Element).

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It’s a strong and touching love ballad in which Garipova cries out for her lover to stay with her for 300 years — talk about commitment!

“Pyatyy Element” has few similarities to Dina’s previous effort, “Ty Dlya Menya” (or “You Are For Me”). For starters, a key element of this latest track is its rock influence.

You can feel it as the “What If” singer belts out the chorus, and again on the instrumental progression which builds into a powerful stream of sound.

“And let us be together for three hundred years,” Dima sings to her lover, whose identity remains unknown to us. It could very well be a familial love that she sings of.

But even if we’re unsure who Dina’s feelings are directed towards, it’s obvious this song is deeply personal to her.

Dina Garipova Pyatyy Element (Official Audio)

Since her Eurovision appearance, Dina has released a debut album, gotten married, and become an actress — touring thirty cities. She’s certainly been busy, so it’s a blessing that she found time to return to the recording studio.

What are your thoughts on “Pyatyy Element”? Do you like the change in direction, or should Dina stick to songs more like her Eurovision hit? Let us know in the comments.

Russia at Eurovision

Russia hasn’t missed out on the top ten since Eurovision 2011. They’ve even achieved podium finishes at the last two contests, with Polina Gagarina and Sergey Lazarev finishing second and third respectively.

For the 2017 contest, they’ve been drawn into the second semi-final for the first time in the history of two semi-finals.

However, the global and Eurovision superpower has yet to secure an elusive second victory. Dima Bilan brought them their first with “Believe” back in 2008.

Dina Garipova at Eurovision 2013

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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
7 years ago

One of the clearest natural recording voices of the 21st century so far. She’s amazing.

an esc fan
an esc fan
7 years ago

”It’s a strong and touching love ballad in which Garipova cries out for her lover to stay with her for 300 years”

What is wrong with eternity ?