Autumn can be a period of two halves for Eurovision fans. While we have to wait patiently for national final season to start and be content with the drip-feeding of information from broadcasters about their plans for next year, it’s also the most active time for new music releases.

This means, while we wait for the ghost of Eurovision future to become Eurovision present, we look to the stars of Eurovision past to fill our musical appetite.

We recently took a look at what some of the male alumni have offered us, but now it’s time for the ladies to shine, with new music from Getter Jaaniela. (from Elaiza), SirushoKate Ryan, and Anouk.

Getter Jaani – “Chasing Trouble”

Estonia’s Eurovsion 2011 representative Getter Jaani released her latest single “Chasing Trouble” back in May. A fun upbeat song with a catchy instrumental post-chorus, the track sees the “Rockefeller Street” hitmaker enjoying life and having fun with her loved one: “‘Cause with you I’m always chasing trouble / Running like we trying to hide from the sun / Spinning ’till we see things double / If loving you is wrong, ain’t sorry for none”. The accompanying music video shows Getter doing just that, exploring the city and taking on as many activities as she can, from dancing in the subway, learning to skateboard, and even taking to the skies and experiencing aerial manoeuvres in a plane.

ela. – “immer noch” and “Scharade”

At Eurovision 2014 Germany’s Elaiza asked us “Is It Right?”. Well, for lead singer Elżbieta Steinmetz, it turns out the answer might have been ‘no’, at least for now. Although Elaiza are still going strong, and have even recently been out to perform in Kenya and Ethiopia, Elżbieta has also started a solo music career under the name ela..

Her first solo single, “immer noch” (“still”), was released in September. It’s a departure from the more English-language folk music of her band, and moves towards a German-language contemporary sound that would have likely seen her reach much higher on the scoreboard in Copenhagen. The lyrics also speak of this new change in direction and detail how although things in her life may be different, she is still the same person inside: “Nothing has changed, just because everything is different / I am still the same, always the same / Time has shown me what is really important / I am still the same, always the same”.

The music video has a lot of quick shot changes as the newly reincarnated ela. sings in various places, often in front of an apartment block with a bunch of blue balloons. Some of the shots are filtered to look like they were taken from an old fashioned camera, adding to the charm of the video.

For her latest single the German singer slows it down further. “Scharade” (“Charade”) is a simple piano ballad that sees ela. frustrated with her current relationship and that the two of them are unable to ‘speak the same language’ and be honest with each other: “We speak in riddles…You are for it and I against it, I think / You play charade with me / we are not talking straight anymore”. The accompanying music video is filmed in black and white and involves the Eurovision alumni simply singing in front of the camera, baring all her emotion for the viewer to see.

Sirusho – “301”

The latest single off her 2016 album Armat, “301” sees Armenia’s Eurovision 2009 act Sirusho gather a taste for the dramatic. Filled with choral chanting and drums, you can hear why it was used as the introduction to the album – it certainly makes an impact. The song’s lyrics use a lot of Christian imagery and language, including references to parts of the ten commandments and Lord’s prayer: “Christian first / Believe in your holy cross / Do not kill, do not lie, / Do not make idols for yourselves / Keep us with our Lord Jesus Christ holy and honourable…Amen”. The music video for the song, released at the start of October, includes shots of a live performance the “Qele Qele” hitmaker gave with the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, ‘Hover’ chamber choir, Armenian State Chamber Choir and Yerevan State Chamber Choir.

Kate Ryan – “Bring Me Down”

After releasing a few ballads earlier in 2018 (“Magie”, “Kronenburg Park” and “All Around The World”) Belgium’s Eurovision 2006 star Kate Ryan returned to her delicious pop ways with “Bring Me Down”. Catchy, upbeat and with a synthesised voice post-chorus, the track has an infectious quality to it that any good dance tune should have. Although the European public may have (unjustly) brought her down in 2006 and left “Je t’adore” in the semi-final, in this new song Kate is determined that her loved one doesn’t do the same today: “Early in the morning / At sunrise I’m hurting / Laying by you now, that’s where I need to be / But I ain’t falling easy / nobody likes to be alone…I’m sure as hell that I don’t want to go / Don’t bring me down”.

Anouk  – “Het is klaar” and Wen D’r Maar Aan LP

The instigator of The Netherlands’ Eurovision renaissance, Anouk  continues to be a dominant force in the country’s music industry. She released her 12th studio album in October, the lead single from which, “Het is klaar” (“It’s Finished”), appeared at the start of September. A slow number, the lyrics see the “Birds” singer taking a stand and not taking any more nonsense from her partner: “But now it is over / You hypocrite / I’m done with your rotten head / A worthless guy, you are nothing more than that”. Ouch!

The music video takes this female empowerment message to the extreme. In it we see a series of women fighting back against the dreadful men of this world; although this does often result in their slow-motion deaths. Vive la révolution féminine!!

The full album, Wen D’r Maar Aan (Just Get Used To It), is the Eurovision 2013 contestant’s eleventh to reach the top of the Dutch charts. However, despite this, it’s only her first album to be completely sung in the Dutch language. Many of the songs continue in the same vain as the lead single, so if you fell in love with “Het is klaar” at first listen then you’ll likely enjoy the rest of the album’s tracks. And if you want a few more visuals to go with it, Anouk has been releasing short one and half minute music videos for a number of the LP’s songs on her YouTube channel.

So, what do you make of these new tracks? Are you loving the music of Eurovision’s female alumni? Sound off in the comments below!

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MJ Massey
5 years ago

Yesss I’ve been waiting for more tracks by my girl Getter!

First insulting people's language skills and now t
First insulting people's language skills and now t
5 years ago

Oh goody, another reason to dislike Anouk!