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We’ve reached the midway point in our Top Tracks countdown.

Like every other year, the team from wiwibloggs voted for their favourite 2018 releases and recordings by and featuring Eurovision stars. Songs which competed at Eurovision or national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews), as were artists who have yet to compete on the Eurovision stage.

After considering well over 100 songs, we finally settled on our top 50. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’ll publish ten tracks daily between now and New Year’s Day.

What song will join Loreen’s “We Got The Power”Emmelie De Forest’s “Drunk Tonight”Lena’s “Traffic Lights”, and Loïc Nottet’s “Million Eyes” and “Mud Blood” in our Hall of Fame?

The countdown continues.

30. Serhat feat. Helena Paparizou “Total Disguise”

What we saidThe modern electronic sounds and club beats form the perfect accompaniment to Serhat’s growl and Paparizou’s honeyed vocals. The video is filmed in a sunny coastal location, where both the sky and sea are bright blue. Initially, Helena and Serhat can be seen separately: she on a swing, and he standing on a pier. But it’s when they come together that the magic happens. As if unable to resist the lyrical desire of the song, Helena and Serhat can be found together in a white muslin tent, tenderly embracing. There’s genuine chemistry between the musical pair — they don’t feel like two people forced to make a music video together (Robyn).

Previous top tracks — Helena: “Haide” (#35 in 2017), “Don’t Hold Back On Love” (#16 in 2014)

29. Gromee feat. Jesper Jenset “One Last Time”

What we said: He’s enjoyed major success featuring Swedes, including Mahan Moin and Lukas Meijer. But for his first post-Eurovision effort, Poland’s Gromee has looked slightly to the west and recruited a Norwegian – Jesper Jenset. “Light Me Up” may have felt like a throwback to five or six years ago, but “One Last Time” is very 2018. The laidback sound fits perfectly into the current music landscape and would be right at home on countless streaming playlists. “If we could do it, just one last time / Nobody does it like you do” sings Jesper on the track which has already proven to be a top 20 hit in Poland (Padraig).

28. Dami Im “Dreamer”

What we said: The track comes from a deep place for Dami, in telling a story about fighting back — not only against those who nay say, but also against self-doubt. Dami confidently and emphatically tells the listener, “I’m a dreamer, a believer. I know what I want, I know who I am”. And we believe her, in every power of every note. The track is made all the more powerful in its live delivery — an overly produced studio cut would simply not do “Dreamer” justice. Even though her previous tracks like “Sound of Silence” and “Super Love” were absolute pop-bangers, it’s without doubt that Dami’s strength lies in her vocals. And “Dreamer” makes them take centre stage and absolutely shine (Sebastian).

Previous top tracks: “Fighting For Love” (#2 in 2016)

27. Zibbz “Undun”

What we said: If you enjoyed throwing “Stones”, you will likely enjoy coming “Undun”. It boasts a similar anthemic indie pop feel. “Stones” would’ve been home at a rock concert and “Undun” fits nicely into the set list. Packaged with a “na na na, na na na” hook, “Undun” is a catchy tune which is instantly memorable. The music video features a mostly monochrome opening with odd splashes of colour. The bright blues of the water stand out, as do Coco’s sharp vocals. As the song moves into its final chorus, the colour returns to the music video, just as Coco hammers home the song (Antranig).

26. Amaia “Un Nuevo Lugar”

What we said: She doesn’t need to shout for her talent to resonate with an audience. Amaia captures, grips and casts a spell with this sweet and thoroughly arresting ballad. Bonfire with friends, church, yoga class or simply at home — “Un Nuevo Lugar” will leave you enchanted and wanting more no matter what the scene. Amen, namaste, girl you slay! The song is warm and inviting. There are no gimmicks, no fireworks. And it’s also less than two minutes, but carries the motion of an entire life. Perfection(Bernardo)

25. Severina feat. Jala Brat “M.A.G.I.J.A.”

What we said: In the song Severina has her loved one in the palm of her hands, unable to resist her: “And he is not afraid but he has no control / to resist when I hide my body with trousers … And it must be the magic, baby”. The accompanying music video sees the “Moja štikla” singer strutting her stuff in various guises, centred mainly around a black and white colour scheme (Jonathan).

24. Ofenbach feat. Benjamin Ingrosso “Paradise”

What we said: “Bom, bom-bom, bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom”, purrs Benjamin. And given the manner of his delivery, he isn’t the only one going “bom”. As always, the “Dance You Off” singer is effortlessly cool, although, this time around he sounds less boy next door and more man about town. As a certain Svetlana Loboda would say, “You are so sexy BOM!”. “Paradise” boasts heavy Americana influences set to Eurodance beats, something which existing Ofenbach fans will be familiar with. Even the lyrics reference the US, “You bringing along the California vibe / Yeah, you impersonating everything I like / Oh, no-no-no” (Padraig).

23. Iveta Mukuchyan “Rich Bitch”

What we said: Now, crown in tact, Iveta’s stepping out and into the world — but it’s not clear if the world is ready for her. “I know you heard the rumours,” she says for all to hear. “The bad bitch is back in town…I worked too hard for my fame to have you stamp on my name…now we’re playing by my rules.” Oh snap! The B-word seems to be used as an act of reclamation. While people hurl it to insult her, this diva is turning the tables. It might as well stand for Beauty ITotal Control of Herself (William).

Previous top tracks: “Depi Nor Irakanutyun” (#9 in 2017), “Hayastan Jan” (#22 in 2017)

22. Eleni Foureira “Caramela”

What we said: The Albanian-born stunner recently announced a collaboration was in the works with Doron Medalie, the man who wrote “Toy”, the only song that burned brighter than “Fuego” with the European public. Now she has released “Caramela” — the fruit of that collaboration — and we’re feeling the Latin flair. “Caramela” has a distinctly Latin feel and has trademark Foureira written all over it. The song may have originally been released in Israel last year by Moshe but Eleni’s version has a unique feel. It may not be the pop banger that “Fuego” fans are looking for but the Iberian flavour is nothing new for Eleni. After all, she released “Fuego” in Spanish (Antranig).

21. Blanche “Soon”

What we said: Playing to her minimalist style, the song has a more acoustic, stripped back feeling. Gone are any and all electronic flourishes, replaced by guitar strums, a bit of cymbal and the sound of drum sticks against each other. Pared back but never boring, the song draws fire from Blanche’s dark vocals, which thread it all together nicely. The song consists of just 12 concise lines, giving it the feel of a poem set to music. It can be read in any number of ways, but it definitely starts with turmoil. The opening lyrics? “What a beautiful lie to be quiet in your screams.” (William)

Previous top tracks: “Wrong Turn” (#43 in 2018)

Our Top Tracks of 2018 ranking is determined by votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are William, Robyn, Deban, Jonathan, Antranig, Sebastian, Pablo, Oliver, Barnabas, Cinan, Florian, Jack, Bernardo and Padraig.

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5 years ago

Top – Loic Nottet “On fire”

5 years ago

“One last time” should’ve made top 10.
It’s a bop <3

Polegend Godgarina
5 years ago

Caramela is terrible. I can’t believe that was the follow-up to Fuego… Helena’s song with Serhat is a kii, I love it

5 years ago

I wouldn’t say ‘terrible’, it’s just kinda weird. And what is that music video supposed to be…? Definitly not one of Eleni’s best works.

5 years ago

I like it as a song. It’s catchy, danceable and memorable.
The video was weird

5 years ago

Magija <3

5 years ago

Soon is my number 1 of this year, closely followed by Hayastani Axjikner by Iveta and Fevral by Alekseev.

5 years ago

I know it’s not going to happen but Amir with “Longtemps” or Marco Mengoni with “Hola” should be leading the top. At least both are hits in their countries