He’s the Ukrainian star who represented Belarus at Eurovision 2018. And now, ALEKSEEV has travelled even further afield to Iceland in order to shoot the music video for his new single “Камень и Вода” (“Stone and Water”).

The song itself originally dropped at the end of September. It’s the sort of dark and broody ballad that we’ve come to know the star for. However, that’s not to say it’s a copy and paste job.

“Камень и Вода” has it’s own distinct melody that combines harp, drum and electronic instrumentation very effectively. After experimenting with a different musical style for his recent Моя Звезда album, this new track harmoniously blends the old and new ALEKSEEV together.

As with many of the “Forever” singer’s songs, the lyrics are very poetic: “The skies are like abyss above us / Thoughts and words are frozen in the air / On the road to solitude / We stay together like stone and water”.

In essence, ALEKSEEV sings about patience and the times people have to wait in darkness before the sun finally rises again and provides light on the situation: “The night is lasting for so long / And we’re still waiting for the dawn”.

This includes waiting for love. Although it may feel like you’re alone, in time there will be someone there to support you: “We don’t need to search for love / It will come, we will wait”.

ALEKSEEV – “Камень и Вода”

With a song titled “Stone and Water”, it only seems fitting that the music video was shot in Iceland – the land of volcanic rocks and stunning waterfalls. ALEKSEEV learned to skateboard specifically for the clip, which sees him travelling along the Icelandic roads on this new mode of transport.

Going from day to dusk to night throughout the course of the music video, the shots are brightened up with reflective clothes that result in the Ukrainian star and his backing dancer being covered in a multi-coloured pattern. Similar technicolour effects are added to clips of molten lava spewing from the ground.

What do you think of ALEKSEEV’s new single? Do you like the music video for “Камень и Вода”? Let us know in the comments below!

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