Montenegro’s man of the moment and favourite spaceman, Eurovision 2017 entrant Slavko Kalezić, has released his latest single, “Love Letter”.

Hot off the heels of the debut performance of his stage production, Moja Istina (My Truth), Slavko has released this extremely personal, heartfelt song.

The song is a world away from his Eurovision entry “Space”. Instead, it channels tribal vibes and features an uplifting group chorus.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Slavko discussed why he felt compelled to write a love letter for all:

“I always wanted to create a song for all the people who don’t understand or respect my art mission. There are so many ‘haters’ who think they are bringing me down, but actually they are celebrating my artistic being because they keep talking about me; they are just not conscious of that.”

“Journalists ask me ‘How do I react to negative comments?’ “Love Letter” is my official answer.”

Slavko – “Love Letter”

Not only singing out his love letters, Slavko is also keeping busy with his show Moja Istina, wooing audiences in his homeland. Based on his book memoir, the show recounts the entertainers’ artistic journey, including his appearance at Eurovision and his experience on The X Factor UK. The show also delves into Slavko’s path of self-discovery to become the brazen entertainer he is.

When asked what audiences can expect from Moja Istina, Slavko told wiwibloggs:

“One thing is to read everything I wrote in my book, but to experience my words from the book, watching me on the stage playing the most memorable paragraphs from the book is something else. It is so important for me to make a show where people can breathe, feel and react with me.”

What do you think of Slavko’s love letter? Are you excited to see him perform the song at his show? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 years ago

With all due respect, I think Slavko should find a job where he is really good at. Singing is not it, I think. All the best, Slavko.

4 years ago

He looks so much hotter than he did before, major improvement without that silly braid

4 years ago

“I’m your number one, we can all be one, just say you love me, you know you love me…stop the hate and say the name with love”. Those verses and a few others reek of self entitlement. Its YOU my detractors who need to make a Mea Culpa because I got a hold on you, so why not admit it and surrender to the irresistible ME! If your art is defined by being constantly preoccupied with lauding yourself and with the way others perceive you, then maybe you need to grow more as an artist regardless of the notoriety and… Read more »