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The Eurovision season is hotting up. And over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists (2020: Week 2)

Katerine Duska and Leon of Athens – “ANEMOS”

Together they created the wonderful “Better Love”, Greece’s Eurovision 2019 entry. And now Katerine Duska and Leon of Athens have reunited on “ANEMOS”. Katerine explains all on Instagram:

These are the first Greek lyrics Leon of Athens & I have written. For those of you who are not acquainted with the Greek language, ANEMOS translates to ‘strong wind’ and is a song about overcoming the fears and pain that often come with big changes in one’s life. It’s about succumbing to the wind, becoming the storm and embodying all of its resilience. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did making it with dynamic duo @dannyandloco even though we froze our 🍑 off. Wouldn’t feel right if this shoot turned out too comfortable anyway. 😉 Share the love 🌬💚🌬💚

Sebu feat. Sirusho – “Have You Ever Hurt Somebody”

She’s Armenia’s most successful female Eurovision artist, coming fourth in 2008 with “Qele Qele”. And he’s one half of “Safe And Sound” hitmakers Capital Cities. Now, Sirusho and Sebu have come together for “Have You Ever Hurt Somebody”. Writing on Instagram, Sirusho says the song is “for the ones who know what Love is… Have you ever been hurt?…”. It’s their second collaboration after 2017’s “Vuy Aman”.

Madame Monsieur feat. Jérémy Frérot – “Comme un voleur”

After tracks like “Comme une reine” and “Comme un homme”, France’s Eurovision 2018 paring Madame Monsieur give us “Comme un voluer”. Translating as “Like A Thief”, the duo say that “It tells the story of life that traces its path and makes fun of how we manage with it. It tells how we draw inspiration from people who fight, people who love each other, from all of us”.

Marta Jandová – “Křídla”

Along with Václav Noid Bárta, she led the way on the great Czech comeback at Eurovision 2015. The rock vocalist has released a steady stream of new music since then, the latest being “Křídla” (Wings) — a long-time favourite in her live set. Writing on Instagram, Marta promises a new year full of surprises!

Nadav Guedj – “Give Me A Minute”

He kickstarted Israel’s current streak of five consecutive grand final appearances back in 2015 with “Golden Boy”. And after finally getting to show us Tel Aviv in 2019, Nadav Guedj begins 2020 with “Give Me A Minute”.

Hurricane – “Brzi Prsti”

Hurricane is perhaps the biggest girl group in Serbia right now. The line-up consists of Sanja Vučić (Serbia Eurovision 2016), Ksenija Knežević (daughter of Montenegro’s 2015 singer Knez) and Ivana Nikolić. The trio are part of the Beovizija 2020 line-up, but before the announcement, they dropped “Brzi Prsti”. And while it’s in and around the three-minute mark, it’s not their entry. Regardless, within just a couple of days it has sailed past two and a half million views on YouTube.

KAZKA – “Ryzdvyana”

They’ve competed in Ukraine’s Vidbir selection for the last two years and even turned down the Eurovision ticket following Maruv’s sensational withdrawal. Now, as fans wonder whether KAZKA will be back for the 2020 edition, they can at least listen to the group’s new single “Ryzdvyana”.

Elodie feat. Gemitaiz – “Non È La Fine”

She debuted at Sanremo 2017. And in just a few weeks, Elodie will return to the famed Italian music festival with the yet-to-be-released “Andromeda”. But fans don’t need to wait that long for new music. “Non È La Fine” is the lead single from her upcoming third studio album.

Sarit Hadad – “Say You’re Here”

She sang “Light A Candle” for Israel at Eurovision 2002, finishing a very respectable 12th. And since then Sarit Hadad has gone on to become one of the country’s biggest recording artists. She has released more than a dozen albums, most of which have hit the top spot in the charts. Her latest single is “Say You’re Here”.

David Bisbal – “En Tus Planes”

David Bisbal is arguably the most successful Eurovision backing singer of all time. The Spanish megastar provided support to Rósa Lopez in the 2001 contest, a consolation prize of sorts after he finished second in the first-ever series of  Operación Triunfo. Since then he’s had oodles of number one albums and singles, and won multiple Latin Grammies. He dedicated “En Tus Planes”, the title track of his newest album, to all of his fans.

Netta and Omer Adam – “BEG”

Eurovision 2018 winner Netta has released her first single in Hebrew. Teaming up with fellow Israeli singer Omer Adam, she’s dropped “BEG”. The verses see Netta providing a hip-hop rap line, while Omer sings the more melodic chorus. (Jonathan)

Safura – “High On Your Love”

She was one of the hot favourites to win Eurovision 2010. Yet despite securing a top five spot for Azerbaijan in Oslo, new music from Safura has been sporadic. Upon the release of “High On Your Love” — her first single in several years — the “Drip Drop” singer talks to our William about her return to the musical stage. Read the interview here.

Danijela Martinović – “Čovjek bez adrese”

Recent converts to Eurovision may not realise it, but there was a time when Croatia was somewhat of a song contest powerhouse. In the six years between 1995 and 2001, the country only missed the top ten once. And two of those top tens involved Danijela. In 1995 she finished sixth with Magazin & Lidija. Three years later, she did even better with “Neka mi ne svane”. Delivering one of the most iconic performances of the decade, she came fifth. Over 20 years on, her career remains strong. The music video for her new single”Čovjek bez adrese” landed on Wednesday.

Ruth Jacott – “De Jaren Gaan Voorbij”

The 1990s were also relatively fruitful for the Netherlands. Of its five top tens, Ruth Jacott’s “Vrede” from 1994 was one of the most memorable. She recently treated fans to a reprise at the Het Grote Songfestivalfeest concert in December. The music video for her new single “De Jaren Gaan Voorbi” arrived earlier this week.

Soraya Arnelas – “Gimme De Tu Amor”

It may be the depths of winter in Europe, but Spain’s Eurovision 2009 participant Soraya Arnelas is bringing us flavours of summer with her new song “Gimme De Tu Amor” (“Gimme Your Love”). The accompanying music video is full of colour, and Soraya noted on Instagram that it was “probably the most fun, authentic and cool video clip I’ve recorded in my career!”. (Jonathan)

Viki Gabor and Kayah – “Ramię W Ramię”

Since winning Junior Eurovision 2019 last November, Poland’s Viki Gabor hasn’t slowed down. She released three Christmas songs during the festive period. Now, the “Superhero” hitmaker has dropped the new single “Ramię W Ramię” (“Hand in Hand”) with acclaimed Polish singer Kayah. The song blends Viki and Kayah’s musical styles together, combining traditional instrumentation with a bit of urban swagger. (Jonathan)

Aimée – “Don’t Call Me Pretty”

Aimée Fitzpatrick almost represented Ireland at Eurovision 2013, finishing second to Ryan Dolan in the national selection. But unlike many of her Eurosong contemporaries, Aimée has actually established a steady music career for herself. Her latest single is “Don’t Call Me Pretty”.

Marin Jurić-Čivro ft. Nina Kraljić – “Zima”

Croatia’s Eurovision 2016 star Nina Kraljić is getting dramatic with her new single. On “Zima” (“Winter”), she’s teamed up follow The Voice of Croatia finalist Marin Jurić-Čivro. The pair create a dark, moody wintery feeling, Nina’s vocals soar around the song, adding lift to Marin’s moody baritone. The music video adds to the feeling, with Nina serving ice princess realness and rocking two-tone hair. Marin could also be following in Nina’s footsteps — he’s competing in this year’s edition of the Croatian national final Dora. (Robyn)

High 15 – “Competition”

They’re the girl group that crashed out in the first show of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2019 with “No Drama” — a song that was a mess of styles and genres. Thankfully, their regular output is much more coherent. Take for example their newest cut “Competition”.

Dian Solo – “Cocaine”

Before finding its stride at Eurovision, Bulgaria had to endure several near misses in the semis. One such case was in 2006 when Deep Zone finished 11th. The line-up has changed over the years but the dance group continues to pump out songs. Founding member Dian Solo remains part of Deep Zone. But, in keeping with his name, he dabbles in the occasional bit of solo material. “Cocaine” is his most recent effort.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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[…] month, Eurovision 2018 act Madame Monsieur dropped their new song “Comme un voleur” (“Like a Thief”). Now, the French duo have released the music video for the track. It […]

Grigor Petrosyan
Grigor Petrosyan
3 years ago

Sirusho <3

Metalvision Song Contest

Slight correction: Safura performed in Oslo, not Düsseldorf. 😉 Düsseldorf is where Azerbaijan did actually win!

Erste Reihe beim ESC / JESC
Erste Reihe beim ESC / JESC
3 years ago

Viki Gabor & Kayah have a really catchy song – that song would be good for Eurovision (but then without Viki Gabor – because she is too young).

3 years ago

So Marta promises surprises? I bet she’ll be competing in the Czech nf.

3 years ago

NETTA is so cool

3 years ago

So the best truck came from the 12 year old girl lol…right right

Ps : i Ve learned it was composed by the team behind « anyone i want to be » and « superhero » and who will for sure make the Polish entry for 2020 🙂

3 years ago

Amemos is pure art!!!

3 years ago

Katerine is so talented and the song is great, deserved a better place in the final

3 years ago

But Deep Zone were from Bulgaria in 2008 and yes, they got 11th in their semi…

3 years ago

Anemos is sooo good!

Mr X
Mr X
3 years ago

Almost lightyears better than her ESC-entry last year. My heart is bleeding….