The Eurovision 2020 season may have come to an unexpected end, but the music will always continue. While we may have to socially distance ourselves from others at the present time, past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 15

Roxen – “Escape”

Roxen may have to wait another year to perform on the Eurovision stage, but she’s still taking the time to feed her fans with plenty of new music. The Romanian star has now dropped the new single “Escape”. It’s an electro-dance track ready to get us all up and dancing during quarantine. The accompanying music video also gives us a glimpse into what the Eurovision 2020 star has been getting up to at home. It sees Roxen bringing the party to her bedroom and making sure to stay upbeat during the current climate, as she sings: “I wanna escape / To another place / To another day”.

Mahmood – “Redemption Song”

Italy’s Mahmood got us all clapping along and singing in Italian at Eurovision 2019. But, for his latest song the star has switched things up with a cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”. Mahmood’s version is a slow piano ballad and the star’s second ever English-language single. The Italian singer’s English is still not perfect and there are moments where it’s difficult to understand what Mahmood is singing. However, there’s a fragility in his voice that still allows the listener to embrace the emotion of the track.

Polina Gagarina – “Небо в глазах”

Eurovision 2015 runner-up Polina Gagarina is best known for her powerful and emotional ballads. And that’s exactly what the Russian singer delivers in “Небо в глазах” (“Sky in the eyes”). However, this is far from a copy and paste scenario. Quiet and calm in the verses, the song explodes in the chorus as Gagarina’s vocals soar above a mixture of electronic and percussion beats. The added “oh, oh” chants after the second chorus create an uplifting anthemic atmosphere that keeps listeners on board. Polina explains more about the song in the lyric video’s description:

“This song is full of hope and faith! It is about the fact that love has no barriers. Neither time, nor distance, nor difficulty can stand in her way. Love is huge, like sea and sky, and necessary, like water and air.”

Ara Martirosyan (feat. Iveta Mukuchyan) – “Polu ya”

Some people are using the time in coronavirus quarantine to learn a new language. Eurovision 2016 star Iveta Mukuchyan is also taking the time to show off her linguistic skills. Known for predominantly singing in her native Armenian or English, the star has now dabbled in Russian. Mukuchyan features in “Polu ya”, the new song by fellow Armenian singer Ara Martirosyan. It’s an old-school ballad, with both singers delivering powerful vocals (though when they sing together during the final chorus, Iveta somewhat overpowers Ara). The music video sees Iveta trying to get over her love for Martirosyan, but ends up accidentally framing him for a shooting in a club.

Sunstroke Project – “Pepperoni”

During difficult times we can always rely on Sunstroke Project to bring the fun and joy. The Moldovan trio duo’s new single is “Pepperoni”. The verses have minimal instrumentation, but things kick into life in the post-chorus, which features a saxophone breakdown for Epic Sax Guy to do his thing. Lyrically, Sergei Yalovitsky sings to his partner and calls her “My pizza pepperoni”.

Dima Bilan – “Химия”

Dima Bilan secured Russia’s first (and so far only) victory at Eurovision in 2008. His career is still going strong over a decade later, and his latest single is “Химия” (“Chemistry”). A mid-tempo ballad, Bilan has opted for more electronic instrumentation to try and add a modern twist on it. Interestingly, the chord progression in the chorus is reminiscent of ALEKSEEV’s Eurovision 2018 song for Belarus, “Forever”. The Eurovision winner sings about seeing that one special person in everything you do: “You are my poetry / You are nature, you are chemistry”.

Tamta – “Σ’ Αγαπώ”

Cyprus called on the talent of Greek-Georgian pop-star Tamta at Eurovision 2019. Now, she’s dropped the new song “Σ’ Αγαπώ” (“I Love You”), a cover of Greek singer Mariada Pieridi’s original song. Combining pop, dance and house music, the track is set up to get you vibing and dancing. Having to make the best of the current coronavirus lockdown, the music video for the track was filmed entirely at home and on the smart phone of Tamta’s partner. The star did her own styling and make up, with Tamta deciding to sport a sophisticated short-cut hairstyle as she sings underneath a rich pink light. This proves that you don’t need a big budget to still make an impact.

Olga Seryabkina – “Что же ты наделал”

Olga Seryabkina represented Russia at Eurovision 2007 as part of girl-group Serebro. After originally going solo under the name MOLLY, the star has now reverted to releasing songs under her own name. Olga’s first single under this name is “Что же ты наделал” (“What have you done”), which is a dynamic 80’s inspired synth-pop track. The accompanying music video centres around the theme of space. It includes clips of rockets before Seryabkina joins an astronaut in a space-travelling car as they explore the great unknown together.

For more from Olga, the star has also just released the new single “Под водой” (“Under water”). It’s still infused with synths, but it slows things down a touch compared to “Что же ты наделал”

Morgan Sulele and Måns Zelmerlöw – “Gamle Dager”

Eurovision 2015 saw Måns Zelmerlöw give Sweden their sixth victory at the contest. Now, the star has teamed up with Norwegian singer Morgan Sulele on the duet “Gamle Dager” (“Old Days”). It’s a happy, summery track that should help bring a little joy into your day. Both artists sing in their native language – Morgan in Norwegian and Måns in Swedish.

Pegasus (feat. Anna Rossinelli) – “Victoria Line”

Anna Rossinelli was the first of only three Swiss Eurovision acts to qualify to the grand final during the 2010s. The star has continued a successful career in her home nation since her appearance at the contest in 2011. Now, Anna is featured on “Victoria Line”, the new song by Swiss band Pegasus. It’s the first single off the group’s unplugged project, with Rossinelli and Pegasus lead vocalist Noah Veraguth’s vocals the key element of the track.

Zlata Ognevich – “Ти обіцяв”

Zlata Ognevich served Disney princess eleganza at Eurovision 2013 for Ukraine, picking up the bronze medal. The star’s new single is “Ти обіцяв” (“You promised”). It’s a simple yet emotional ballad and Ognevich’s vocals shine above the piano melody. In the description of the lyric video, Zlata explains more about the story behind the song:

“There was a story in my life when I met a boyfriend and after a while I found out that he had a relationship with another girl. In general, it turned out that his hobby was collecting beautiful girls, that’s how he pleased his vanity. When I found out the truth, it hurt a lot, my heart was broken. I still consider the relationship with this guy a true and pure love, which made me a better person.”

Anouk – “I Love You”

The Dutch Eurovision renaissance began when Anouk brought The Netherlands back to the grand final for the first time in nine years at the 2013 contest. Now, Anouk has released the new single “I Love You”, which is an electric-guitar-driven ballad. As the title suggests, the lyrics of the song see the Dutch star expressing her love for a person and stating that they were meant for each other: “I got what you need and then some more / With every rising moon, I know I was born for you / Baby you got what I want and then some more”.

Lara Fabian – “Nos cœurs à la fenêtre”

The coronavirus epidemic has seen an outpouring of love for healthcare workers and other essential staff across the world. Like other artists, Luxembourg’s Eurovision 1988 star Lara Fabian has expressed her thanks through music. All the money raised from her new song “Nos cœurs à la fenêtre” (“Our hearts at the window”) will be donated to the healthcare staff in France, Italy, Canada and Belgium. The music video for the song sees clips of Fabian and other people expressing their thanks for all the work being done by these heroes.

Moran Mazor – “A wind is coming”

Moran Mazor sadly missed out on a spot in the grand final of Eurovision 2013. However, the Israeli singer is still releasing new music to this day. Her latest song is “רוח באה הימה” (“A wind is coming”), which is a cover of a song originaly performed by fellow Israeli singer Eytan Darmon. Mazor’s version of the track replaces the guitar for a piano. The music video is shot entirely in black and white, and focuses on Moran and guest actor Tom Spring.

OG3NE – Home Isolation EP

Coronavirus lockdown has lead to artists finding a number of creative ways to keep producing music. This includes Eurovision 2017 Dutch trio OG3NE, who have recorded an entire EP of songs during their time in quarantine. This Home Isolation EP shows that their sisterly bond truly connects them even when they’re apart. The EP includes an acoustic version of their latest single “Kinda Wanna”, as well as covers of songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The official Queen Instagram account even shared the video on their insta stories.

Edurne – “No Te Lo Mereces”

After competing at Eurovision 2015, Edurne took a break from the spotlight. But, last year the Spanish songstress made a triumphant return to the music industry. Now, Edurne is building up to the release of her seventh studio album Catarsis on 29 May. The star has been releasing a number of songs from the LP in the lead up to its release, the latest being “No Te Lo Mereces” (“You Do Not Deserve It”). A piano-driven ballad with added guitars in the chorus, Edurne’s vocals sit effortlessly over the accompaniment. The music video for the song sees the Spanish singer performing a slightly-stripped back version of the song live in the studio.

Joci Pápai (feat. BLR) – “Suttogd Halkan”

Despite placing in the top ten at Eurovision 2017, Joci Pápai’s return for the 2019 contest sadly saw him become the first Hungarian act in ten years to fail to qualify for a Eurovision grand final. Nevertheless, Joci is continuing his music career with the new single “Suttogd Halkan” (“Whisper softly”). The song is built around a mixture of staccato percussion riffs and features a rap verse from BLR. The music video is shot entirely in black and white, with Pápai singing to the woman he’s fallen for.

Can Bonomo – “Sen Bunları Duyma”

Can Bonomo was Turkey’s last Eurovision entrant in 2012 before the country unfortunately withdrew from the contest. The star’s latest single is “Sen Bunları Duyma” (“Don’t Hear These”), a soft-rock track that blends orchestral instruments with electric guitars. The quirky music video centres around a taxi driver. After picking up a woman, the driver develops a crush that leads him to start day-dreaming about their possible life together. This all plays out within the taxi – including the first date, meeting the parents, getting married and having a child.

Seemone – “Dans Mes Rêves”

Seemone was a fan favourite in France’s Destination Eurovision 2019, but ended up coming second behind Bilal Hassani. After winning the OGAE Second Chance Contest, the French singer has finally released her new single “Dans Mes Rêves” (“In My Dreams”). A simple yet touching ballad, Seemone’s vocals blend beautifully with the piano and string instrumentation.

Markus Riva – “Врёшь”

Latvia’s Supernova wouldn’t be the same without Markus Riva’s yearly entries. But, outside of the national final, the singer has a number of other songs up his sleeve. This includes “Врёшь” (“You’re lying”), which Markus dropped the music video for this week. Sung in Russian, the track has a retro vibe to it. The music video also emulates this throwback vibe and is filtered to look like an old-fashioned camcorder.

If you want even more from the Latvian star, Riva has also just released the new Latvian-language song “Vienmēr” (“Always”). A more contemporary sound, the song has an uplifting aura about it.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Nice cover by Tamta!! The original one is from another Greek artist, Mariada Pieridi (Original one)

3 years ago

The cover of Redemption song by Mahmood is very touching; yes, his English is not perfect, we know, but in part it’s also due to his way of singing I think.
@jonathan , this cover is not the first single in English by Mahmood.
His very first single, not a cover (he was very young, 19 years old) was in English, its title is Fallin’ rain.
Here the link to the mv of the first song of a very young Mahmood

3 years ago

@jonathan yes, Alessandro Mahmoud are his real name and surname. As art name he chose Mahmood , very similar to his surname, because it sounds like “my mood”, and all his songs are very personal and talk about his stories and feeling… his mood 🙂

3 years ago

DoReDoS also released a song this week?

3 years ago

I am spellbound. Definitely Moran Mazor amazes me since 2013… and now she looks much better, sings more mature and this cover that you presented is just magical. Absolutely fits my mood today…

Another Latvian
Another Latvian
3 years ago

You forgot to mention Keiino! They just released their song with Electric Fields!

3 years ago

Another one? Because there was something mentioned in one of previous posts like this…

3 years ago

Hey wiwis, are you going to write anything about Little Big’s Quarantinevision?