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The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was gearing up to feature some of the biggest voices we’ve heard at Eurovision. And 17 of the 41 acts that would have competed this year are strong, independent women y’all! Back in April we asked who you thought was the best solo female vocalist at this year’s competition.

After counting a grand total of 4,625 votes, we can now reveal the winner…

Malta’s Destiny is your favourite female solo singer at Eurovision 2020

Topping the list of talented ladies is the wonderful Destiny from Malta who earned 530 votes (11.46% of the total). The Junior Eurovision 2015 winner was getting ready to bring her golden vocals to Rotterdam and perform her entry “All Of My Love”. A soulful banger, no doubt the song would have excelled live on stage thanks to Destiny’s talent and charisma.

It is currently unknown whether Destiny will get the opportunity to participate at Eurovision 2021, as Maltese broadcaster TVM has not yet officially confirmed their plans for next year. But, we are hopeful that Malta won’t miss out on their chance to send Destiny to Eurovision.

The remaining results

Claiming the silver medal with 485 votes (10.49%) is the beautiful Ulrikke from Norway. She was due to sing “Attention” at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. The song is a heart-wrenching ballad about a woman who feels neglected and unappreciated, but who is desperate for her lover to make himself emotionally available again after closing himself off.

Unfortunately, Ulrikke won’t be representing Norway at Eurovision 2021. Nevertheless, we’ll always love her!

Rounding out the talented top three was the exquisite VICTORIA from Bulgaria. She picked up 449 votes (9.71%). One of the bookies favourites for Eurovision 2021, she was preparing to perform “Tears Getting Sober”. Her song was a captivating, mysterious and haunting ballad, which deals with anxiety and other mental health issues.

Thankfully, VICTORIA will return to Eurovision 2021 and represent Bulgaria with a brand new entry. We can’t wait!

Full results: Favourite female solo singer at Eurovision 2020

Please note that due to discrepancies with voting numbers coming from one user, the results have been audited and revised by the Wiwi poll committee.

  1. Malta – Destiny Chukunyere with “All My Love” (530 votes, 11.46%)
  2. Norway – Ulrikke with “Attention” (485 votes, 10.49%)
  3. Bulgaria – VICTORIA with “Tears Getting Sober” (449 votes, 9.71%)
  4. Romania – Roxen with “Alcohol You” (372 votes, 8.04%)
  5. Israel – Eden Alene with “Feker libi” (367 votes, 7.94%)
  6. Azerbaijan – Efendi with “Cleopatra” (336 votes, 7.26%)
  7. Albania – Arilena Ara with “Fall from the Sky” (321 votes, 6.94%)
  8. Greece – Stefania with “SUPERG!RL” (304 votes, 6.57%)
  9. Armenia – Athena Manoukian with “Chains on You” (267 votes, 5.77%)
  10. Australia – Montaigne with “Don’t Break Me” (257 votes, 5.56%)
  11. Latvia – Samanta Tīna with “Still Breathing” (232 votes, 5.02%)
  12. Ireland – Lesley Roy with “Story of My Life” (157 votes, 3.39%)
  13. Poland – Alicja with “Empires” (156 votes, 3.37%)
  14. Slovenia – Ana Soklič with “Voda” (133 votes, 2.88%)
  15. Portugal – Elisa with “Medo de sentir” (119 votes, 2.57%)
  16. San Marino – Senhit with “Freaky!” (86 votes, 1.86%)
  17. Moldova – Natalia Gordienko with “Prison” (54 votes, 1.17%)

Total votes: 4,625 votes

What do you think? Did your favourite female solo artist make the top three? Let us know in the comments!

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Mr X
Mr X
2 years ago

I don´t like Destiny, sorry. One of my favourites is Ana Soklic.

2 years ago

Destiny <3

2 years ago

I didn’t vote but ngl Ulrikke and Destiny were my top 2 anyway. Would like to see them both back at Eurovision in the future.