Loreen, a Eurovision icon through and through, enjoyed a taste of the Netflix life when she briefly appeared in Will Ferrell’s Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Now, the Eurovision 2012 winner is back for more, as she has landed a role in Vinterviken 2021, an upcoming Swedish language film co-produced by SVT and ordered by the streaming giant.

Loreen announced the exciting new project on Instagram, posting a photo with her co-star, Swedish-Moroccan actor Mustapha Aarab, “I AM sooo happy to announce that I’m playing this little boy’s young Moroccan mother in one of my favourite love stories as a youngster. A Netflix /Filmlance production #VINTERVIKEN Diversity and Love. First drama baby! I’m excited!!!!!”

The film is an adaptation of Mats Wahl’s acclaimed 1993 novel Vinterviken (The Winter Bay), which was previously adapted into a successful film in 1996, starring David Tainton and Lina Englund. The story will be brought forward and set in 2021 Stockholm, but the original themes of Wahl’s 1993 text remain universal and as relevant as ever.

Vinterviken tells the love story of Elisabeth and John John, two young people both raised in Stockholm, yet living worlds apart economically, socially and culturally, until their paths collide in the same high school class.

The trailer from the 1996 movie doesn’t have English subtitles unfortunately, but it’s nevertheless an insight into what we can expect from the new Netflix film. It gets us thinking about how aspects of 2021 life, such as social media, may play a part in the drama.

So where does Loreen come into the plot? She is playing John John’s mother, who we already know is a young mother, and a member of Stockholm’s Moroccan community. Loreen herself is of Moroccan descent, as her parents are Berbers from Morocco.

Loreen regularly highlights on social media that she is proud of her Moroccan roots, so we are really excited that she has a platform as large as Netflix to showcase her heritage and culture.

Will you be tuning into Vinterviken 2021 as soon as it’s released on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below! 

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1 year ago

I’m a big fan of Loreen, so I’m definitely intrigued. Hopefully it will be available to watch in my country