Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 22

Emma & Loredana Bertè – “Che Sogno Incredibile”

Now that we’ve made it to June, prepare for summer tunes aplenty. Eurovision 2014 act Emma is kicking the summer season off with her own sunny pop tune, “Che Sogno Incredibile” (“What an Incredible Dream”). This release is extra special for the Italian star, as she has been able to collaborate with renowned singer and Sanremo alum Loredana Bertè. The pair sing to their lovers and how they get lost in their eyes: “To find you I would go around a thousand islands / Just to touch you again / What an incredible dream your eyes are / Mysterious as those sighs on the lips / Carried away by the wind”. Emma commented on Instagram about being able to work with Loredana on this track:

“This is not a classic summer piece. This song is a piece of history for me, mine! I am honoured and proud to release this missile together with Loredana Bertè. My rock mum !!!”

Samira Said “El Sa3a Etneen Belleil”

Samira Said may have placed second to last when representing Morocco during their, so far, only appearance at Eurovision in 1980, but she’s still had one of the most extensive careers of any former participant. Her new single is “El Sa3a Etneen Belleil” (“It’s Two At Night”). A fun Arabic pop song, it’s predominantly driven by percussion with an accordion in the background. But it brings in more contemporary beats for an interesting instrumental section after the first chorus.

Lena – “Strip”

“If I don’t fit into your boxes you can cross me off your list”. Germany’s Lena is here to remind us that we’re perfect the way we are and we don’t have to conform to fit in with others. The Eurovision 2010 winner has released “Strip”. It’s a nice pop offering with an underlying beat that’s easy to clap along to. Lena sings about focusing on doing the things that make us happy: “Baby strip, all your makeup off / Get happy doing what you want / All we need is love, love, love”.

Little Big – COVERS

Little Big are back (not that they ever really went away). But this time the Russian group are adding their rave pop sound to other people’s songs with a selection of COVERS. The Eurovision 2020 band have covered a varied group of songs, including Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody”, Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” and Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”. There’s even an additional Eurovision connection, as Little Big have also put their own spin on “Mamma Maria”, which was originally released by Italy’s Eurovision 1978 group Ricchi e Poveri. Little Big premiered their rendition of “Mamma Maria” at the end of last year in TV programme Ciao, 2020!.

Helena Paparizou & Magnus Carlsson – “Day And Night”

Helena Paparizou might be a Greek superstar, but she originally grew up in Sweden and still has connections with the country. Now the Eurovision 2005 champion has teamed up with Melodifestivalen alum Magnus Carlsson for the song “Day and Night”. The song manages to blend their respective styles together and mixes Greek/Latin musical rhythms with slick Swedish production. Lyrically, the duo declare to each other that they want to spend all hours of the day together: “Underneath the sun or a starry sky / I just gotta have, have you by my side / Everybody knows we should be together / Oh, baby, day and night”.

Stefania & Tommie Christiaan – “Voor Een Ander”

After giving Greece a top ten finish at Eurovision 2021, Stefania is taking to the big screen by voice acting in Pieter Konijn op de vlucht, the Dutch version of new film Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. The Greek-Dutch star also sings the title song alongside Tommie Christiaan. “Voor Een Ander” (“For someone else”) is a solid pop track in which the pair tell listeners to surround themselves with positive friends: “When you give energy to someone else / Then you will receive positivity / Find the friends around you / Who understand what you say, what you do”. Dutch Eurovision 2017 trio OG3NE also provide voices for the film.

Cascada & Trans X – “One Last Dance”

Eurovision 2013 act Cascada were obviously taking notes from Stefania and have also decided that it’s time for “One Last Dance”. The German dance group have collaborated with Canadian synth band Trans X for the song. It’s naturally aimed at being a club-ready track that gets people up and dancing. In the lyrics, lead singer Natalie Horler asks her lover for one last trip around the block before they part: “In the rhythm of the night / To our bad romance / In the shadow of the blinding lights / Nothing is forever / Come and take my hand / For one last dance”.

Donatas Montvydas – “Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką”

Donny Montell continues his recent retro-inspired discography with “Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką” (“I Would Give Anything For The Night”). The Lithuanian star is also once again using his full name, Donatas Montvydas, for the release. This latest track builds on the 80s music trend, but it has more of its own identity compared to others that we’ve heard over the past year. Instead of being a full synth pop song, it makes use of more percussion and also brings in an electric guitar solo two-thirds of the way through.

Lea Sirk – “Always You”

The next act that’s hopping on board the 80s train is Lea Sirk. Slovenia’s Eurovision 2018 star delivers a catchy pop track with a clear synth influence right from the first second. The theme of “Always You” is about that moment when you understand your current partner is the one: “It’s you / It’s you / It’s always you / I’m going to spend my life loving you […] I don’t need to find another you”.

Isaiah Firebrace – “Blame On Me”

We live in a society that likes to point the finger at others when things go wrong. But Australia’s Isaiah Firebrace is making sure that his ex-partner doesn’t place the blame on him for their break-up. The Eurovision 2017 star reminds them of all the other factors: “Blame it on the times you were screaming at me / So jealous every time a chick was talking to me / Blame it on your friends that didn’t want it to be / They tried to come between us so that we couldn’t breathe […] Blame it on the things, anything that helps you sleep / But don’t put the blame on me” Musically, it’s an electronic pop song with a soft beat drop in the chorus. Isaiah also has a breathy vocal effect added over his voice for the pre-chorus. The music video was filmed in the Eurovision alum’s hometown of Moama.

Damir Kedžo – “U nama”

How does it feel when your song is written fully by a team of strong women? If you ask Croatia’s Eurovision 2020 star, the feeling is shamelessly good! On his latest music work, “U nama” (“In us”), Damir Kedžo has worked with prominent women in the industry. Namely they are Lu Jakelic (songwriter), Helena Janjusevic (actress) and his beloved manager Snjezana Jerkovic Radocaj. “And it’s only now, as I compose a statement for this press that I realise that all the key roles in this video were played by women, wow. Now I see who runs the world! Thank you, my dears, nothing without you.”, says Damir in a press release.

In the music video for “U Nama”, we see Damir and his loved one going through a few struggles. The Croatian star discovers some things that his beloved had been doing behind his back, which subsequently evolves into a nasty fight. But as we hear in the lyrics (“I still wear the taste of love / In us, restlessness is sacred / Without it the universe is pale”), Damir eventually has a change of heart and reconciles with his bae somewhere in one of many beautiful landscapes on his home island of Krk. (Mario)

Greta Salóme – “Svartur hrafn”

The staging for Greta Salóme’s Eurovision 2016 performance featured the shadows of a flock of birds. And now the Icelandic star is singing about one bird in particular – “Svartur hrafn” (“Black raven”). It’s a dark mid-tempo track that utilises a bit of vocoder on Greta’s voice. The two-time Eurovision alum told news site Vísir about the meaning behind the song:

“‘Svartur hrafn’ has slightly confusing lyrics and can be about a person or an object that you seek but that will only be yours for a short time. We often go for what we know is not for us and can not get rid of it no matter what we try. Everyone can relate to it in some way.”

Svala – Andvaka

After focusing on English-language songs for much of her career, Svala has switched over to Icelandic during the past year. Now this journey has lead to the EP Andvaka (Sleeplessness). It contains five songs, including the pre-release singles “Sjálfbjarga”, “Þōgnin” and “Þú togar í mig”. Although these three songs were ballads, the two new tracks on the EP mix things up a bit. “Er þetta ég?” is a mid-tempo pop song, while “Andvaka” finishes things off on a happier upbeat note.

Runa, Nosfe & Timebelle – “Palatul de crom”

Swiss-Romanian band Timebelle represented Switzerland at Eurovision 2017, but now the group are exploring more of the Romanian music industry. The group’s lead singer Runa takes centre stage alongside rapper Nosfe for the mid-tempo R&B-pop track “Palatul de crom” (“Chrome Palace”). Runa finds herself in a bad relationship and decides to take steps to remove herself from the situation: “If you love me / Why are you hurting me? […] And I take a step back / So you can’t find me anymore”. This story is also showcased in the music video, which Timebelle talk more about in it’s description:

“Filmed in an atmosphere full of contrasts, ‘Palatul de Crom’ shifts from hot to warm, telling us about a love story in which everything becomes cold and rigid, just like the chrome material. Their home is no longer warm and welcoming, but it has become a chrome soulless palace. The misunderstandings among the two lovers have exhausted her, deciding that loneliness and mental health are far better choices than maintaining this vicious cold cycle.”

Amina – “Face à nous”

Amina just missed out on the Eurovision 1991 trophy after losing a tie-break to Carola. Now, the star has released the new single “Face à nous” (“In front of us”). It blends her French and Tunisian roots together to produce a steady and atmospheric track. The music video features clips of a seaside town. Amina is then faintly overlain on top of these, appearing almost as a spirit. This single also includes a B-side track, “Radwoi”, which is sung in Arabic and also has an acoustic piano version.

Rasmussen – “Stand By Each Other”

Rasmussen delivered Viking realness at Eurovision 2018. While his new single “Stand By Each Other” isn’t specifically Viking themed, it does still retain the anthemic quality of his Eurovision entry. Lyrically, the Danish star questions whether the listener would be willing to help other people in need: “Tell me, would you / Fight for another / Fight for each other / Reach out to cover / And call me a brother”. In a press release, Rasmussen spoke about the message of the song:

“‘Stand By Each Other’ is about speaking up, when someone needs your help. It takes courage. It’s not easy either, so at the very least it urges you to reflect; would you stand by a person in need? We’ve all experienced the feeling of ‘I wish that I had said or done something’. So this song is about fighting intolerance and injustice. Defend the defenceless. Stand up against bullies. Not by violence, but simply by letting them know, that we will stand by each other.”

Sakis Rouvas – Sta Kalitera Mou

Following on from recent singles “Yperanthropos” and “Pare Me Agkalia”, Greece’s Sakis Rouvas has now dropped his new album. Sta Kalitera Mou (In My Best) features eight other new songs in addition to the pre-released singles. There’s a nice mix of tracks on the LP that show off Rouvas’ diversity as a performer. The two-time Eurovision star delivers emotional ballads, Greek laïko, a bit of Rock & Roll in “Sokolata” and even a more electronic sound in “Aspirini”. Despite the variety, all the songs do perhaps feel more 2000s/2010s in nature, rather than being completely fresh.

Sertab Erener – “Sakin Ol (Her Dem Yeşil)”

Sertab Erener released her first album, Sakin Ol (Calm Down), in 1992. Almost 30 years later, the Turkish star has now revisited the title track of the LP and released a new version of it. This is the first single from her new project Her Dem Yeşil (Ever Green), which will bring together 30 new renditions of songs from her back catalogue. This new version of “Sakin Ol” removes the 90s Turkish pop sound of the original and brings in a more contemporary R&B and rap flavour. In a post on social media, the Eurovision 2003 champion revealed that it was important to her that they updated the song for the modern day music industry:

“Question: How should we arrange or sing this 30-year-old song? Answer: We had to put the colour, tones, attitude of the time we live in, and the breath of the music of this era, into the composition and the lyrics.” 

Sevak – “Шаман”

Armenia’s Sevak is here to bring the rain with his latest single “Шаман” (“Shaman”). The Eurovision 2018 star calls on his powers to extinguish the flames that are burning out of control in his relationship with a certain person: “Do you want to test me what I’m ready for / I am your storm front / But when you’re near everything is on fire / I’m like a shaman, make it rain”. Musically, the song combines more contemporary beats with some ethnic-style chanting in the chorus.

Intars Busulis & Anastasiya Spiridonova – “Крылья”

Intars Busulis is aiming to fly high lyrically, musically and vocally with his new single. Latvia’s Eurovision 2009 star has collaborated with singer Anastasiya Spiridonova for the song “Крылья” (“Wings”). It’s a Russian chanson with plenty of spirit to it, particularly thanks to the underlying electric guitar rhythm that builds to a full-on guitar solo in the bridge. Intars and Anastasiya sing a verse each and then come together for the chorus.

Kállay Saunders & anatu – “I need you right now”

Kállay Saunders mixes soul and R&B for his latest single “I need you right now”. Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 star once again teams up with regular collaborator anatu for the song. From the second chorus onward, Saunders is accompanied by a backing choir, which adds to the atmosphere of the track. In the lyrics, the Hungarian singer discusses his ambitions to make a name for himself and asks God to guide his way: “Oh help me lord don’t let me go / Shine your light where know one goes / Lift me up when I am low / I need you right now”.

Anna Rossinelli – “Forevermore”

Swiss band Anna Rossinelli have released the single “Forevermore”. The Eurovision 2011 group deliver a solid pop track. The verses have a slightly more downbeat feel to them, but the chorus takes things in a more uplifting direction. This change in feeling goes along with the lyrics. During the verses, vocalist Anna discusses how she used to hide away from her problems, but in the chorus she decides to let her voice be heard: “‘Cos it ain’t over / Until it’s over / But I break out and shout / I won’t be silent forevermore / Oh, I’m not waiting / I don’t need saving”.

Connect-R & Matteo – “Putere”

Hot on the heels of his latest album, Connect-R is already moving onto new musical endeavours. Moldova’s Eurovision 2006 star has teamed up with Matteo for the new single “Putere” (“Power”), which brings together elements of hip-hop, reggae and electronic music. Despite the title, the two artists actually declare in the lyrics that they don’t want power. Instead, they pray for the strength to move on from someone who only seeks to preside over them: “I don’t want you, I don’t need you / Give me strength, God, I don’t want power / I have nothing to do with you, nor do you have anything to do with me”. The music video for the track adds a social message into this by featuring clips of protests and people who have suffered under terror.

Friðrik Ómar, Sálgæslan & Sigurður Flosason – “Aftur í steininn búgalú”

If you’re tired of all the songs about love and break-ups, then Iceland’s Friðrik Ómar has something different for you. He’s teamed up with Sálgæslan and saxophonist/composer Sigurður Flosason for the song “Aftur í steininn búgalú” (“Back to jail, boogaloo”). The jazz single tells the story of a criminal who goes back to jail after attempting a burglary. The Eurovision 2008 star commented further about the song on social media:

“Here I sing about my admiration for police officers. Great fun album from Sigga coming soon! I was not exactly surprised that he got me into this job as I have been a good acquaintance of the police for many years.”

(NB: Icelandic wiwiblogger Steinunn reassures us that the last sentence should be read sarcastically and that Friðrik is not actually known for being frequently arrested)

IRU – “No jerk around me”

IRU – one of the members of Georgia’s Junior Eurovision 2011 winning act Candy – has released her debut solo single. Titled “No jerk around me”, it’s a racy and smoking hot electro R&B track. The song is composed by the successful Giga Kukhianidze (three times winning composer of JESC for Georgia). (Rezo)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Euro Fan
Euro Fan
3 years ago

Maybe Stefania joins a Dutch girl group representing Netherlands just like JESC?

3 years ago

Cascada do half a cover version – they use the melody of Trans X’s song “Living On Video” (1983) and sing a new text to it. The beats also remind of “The Sun Is Coming Out” by Ayla feat. Yel (2002).

Nevertheless a great uplifting song!

3 years ago

Who is the second across 2 down? And bottom in the first column? That’s the main article pic I mean. I can recognise everyone apart from those

3 years ago

Stefania needs to stop making these childish songs and must collabrate with mainstream dutch artits to stay relevant i am sure they are interested in her because of her 10 place in esc.

3 years ago

Also Erika Vikman made a collab with Arttu Wiskari “Tääl on niin kuuma” (It’s so hot here) that was released two days ago 😉

3 years ago

I said it in 2014 and I still say it now.
Andras Kallay-Saunders is so frickin hot!

Bring Hungary back to ESC Andras!!

3 years ago

My other favorite picks of this week is the song by Lea Sirk, such a cute 80s pop song. And I really love the whole EP from Svala – she has a very strong and emotional voice.

3 years ago

Damir sing me anything he wants to. His amazing voice together with his sexy look is a truly irresistible combination!

Euro Fan
Euro Fan
3 years ago

I miss Armenia, Turkey and Hungary at Eurovision

3 years ago
Reply to  Euro Fan

You can ask Armenia to come back, if Azerbaijan stops playing the fool with them.
You can ask Turkey to come back, if you ask EBU to eliminate the juries.
You can ask Hungary to come back, if you prevent any LGBTQ person or sign from being screen on TV.
Wouldn’t this be just be the perfect Eurovision?
And will you ask Luxemburg to come back as well? Or are you too post-2000 to even care?

3 years ago
Reply to  Charles

Damn who hurt you?