Serbia’s brand new national selection Pesma za Evroviziju 22 continues on Friday evening with semi-final two. There are 18 acts in the mix, but only nine will qualify for the grand final.

Ahead of the show, we asked you to vote for your favourites from semi-final two.

We received 1,125 votes in total. After counting and verifying them, it’s now time to reveal the results.

Sara Jo is a favourite in Pesma za Evroviziju 22 semi-final two

Coming out on top of this Pesma za Evroviziju 22 semi-final two poll is Sara Jo. Her self-titled song “Muskarcina” (“Macho man”) earned 331 votes, which is 29.42% of the total number cast.

The Serbian singer is a familiar face to Eurovision fans. She previously represented Serbia at the song contest in 2013. Back then she performed as part of girl group Moje 3, but they failed to qualify to the final. So Sara will be hoping to return to Eurovision and prove just what she’s capable of.

Sara Jo had a commanding lead in this poll. But the other main favourite from semi-final two is Marko Nikolić. He brings us a more classical take on Serbian music with the Balkan ballad “Dođi da te volim” (“Come let me love you”). Marko picked up 114 votes (10.13% of the total).

Third place goes to Zoe Kida. Meanwhile, in fourth place we find Tijana Dapčević – North Macedonia’s Eurovision 2014 representative.

If the results were up to y’all, the other five acts we would see again in the grand final would be: Naiva, Gramophonedzie, Zejna Murkić, Vasco and Julijana Vincan.

We only have a few hours to wait before we see if your wishes come true and if Sara Jo rises to the top of Pesma za Evroviziju 22 semi-final two.

Poll results: Who should qualify from semi-final two of Serbia’s Pesma za Evroviziju 22?

  1. Sara Jo – “Muskarcina”, 331 votes (29.42%)
  2. Marko Nikolic – “Dodi da te volim”, 114 votes (10.13%)
  3. Zoe Kida – “Bejbi”, 84 votes (7.47%)
  4. Tijana Dapcevic – “Ljubi, ljubi doveka”, 80 votes (7.11%)
  5. Naiva – “Skidam”, 79 votes (7.02%)
  6. Gramophonedzie – “Pocinjem da ludim”, 68 votes (6.04%)
  7. Zejna Murkic – “Nema te”, 55 votes (4.89%)
  8. Vasco – “Znas li”, 53 votes (4.71%)
  9. Julijana Vincan – “Istina i lazi”, 50 votes (4.44%)
  10. Gift – “Haos”, 35 votes (3.11%)
  11. Dusan Svilar – “Samo ne reci da volis”, 26 votes (2.31%)
  12. Marija Mirkovic – “Pozuri, pozuri”, 25 votes (2.22%)
  13. Rocher Etno Band – “Hajde sad nek svak peva”, 25 votes (2.22%)
  14. Euterpa – “Nedostajes”, 24 votes (2.13%)
  15. Srdan Lazic – “Trazim te”, 23 votes (2.04%)
  16. Orkestar Aleksandra Sofronijevica – “Andele moj”, 19 votes (1.69%)
  17. CHEGI & Braca Bluz Bend – “Devojko sa plamenom u ocima”, 17 votes (1.51%)
  18. Ivana Vladovic & Jovana Stanimirovic – “Prijace ti”, 17 votes (1.51%)

Total votes: 1,125

PzE 22: Show details

Pesma za Evroviziju 22 will involve two semi-finals and a grand final. The live shows will be held on consecutive nights from 3 March to 5 March. All three shows will be hosted by Dragana Kosjerina, Jovan Radomir, Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović.

Nine acts will qualify from each semi-final based on a 50/50 split of votes from a jury and a public televote. The 18-song grand final will use a similar method to determine the overall winner and who will become Serbia’s entry for Eurovision 2022.

Do you agree with the results? Are Sara Jo and Marko Nikolić also your favourites in semi-final two of Pesma za Evroviziju 22? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 years ago

sara jo has to win the whole thing, she could get serbia to the top 10. im really excited to see her staging because muskarcina has the most potential for staging out of any song in the serbian selection

Last edited 2 years ago by sam
2 years ago
Reply to  sam


2 years ago

Sara Jo is the only act from this final with an ESC worthy song. Other artists are vocally talented but their songs are forgettable.

Good luck to everyone tho!