As the nights draw in, many European nations decide to lift their spirits in autumn by dusting off their dancing shoes and hitting the glittery ballroom floor. This includes France, where Danse avec les stars 2022 has been on TV screens over recent weeks.

Two of France’s Eurovision and Junior Eurovision stars have been taking part in this year’s show. Anggun (Eurovision 2012) and Carla (Junior Eurovision 2019) have been on a journey to learn and master the art of ballroom and Latin dancing.

Sadly, this dancing experience has come to an end for Anggun. She became the most recent act to be eliminated from the show at the end of week six, finishing in seventh place.

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Anggun voted off Danse avec les stars 2022

Anggun brought acrobats to Baku at Eurovision 2012. But ten years later, it’s been the Indonesian-born French singer herself who has been twirling across the stage, performing a variety of dances including the cha-cha-cha and paso doble. 

Having made it to the halfway point in the competition, week six saw Anggun and her professional partner Adrien Caby take on the quickstep to “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts. In a twist for this episode, the couples were only given their music 15 minutes before the show and had to rehearse during the week to a metronome.

Springing across the dancefloor, the “Echo (You and I)” singer put in a solid performance and received 25 points from the jury.

Whilst Anggun and Adrien’s score was consistent with their previous dances, at this stage of the competition it sadly wasn’t enough to avoid the bottom three and the pair had to participate in the face-à-face (face to face) — equivalent to the dance off. After being saved from three previous trips to the face-à-face, this time Anggun wasn’t so lucky and was voted out of the contest.

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Carla dances to Barbara Pravi’s “Voilà” with Bilal Hassani

Carla is the youngest contestant on Danse avec les stars 2022. But the Junior Eurovision 2019 alum has consistently been showing the others how it’s done and has so far never dropped into the face-à-face.

One of Carla’s performances brought in a number of extra Eurovision connections.

In week five, each contestant performed alongside one of the judges — Marie-Agnès Gillot, Chris Marques, François Alu or Eurovision 2019 star Bilal Hassani. Bilal previously finished as the runner-up of the 2021 season of Danse avec les stars.

It was Bilal who joined Carla and her professional partner Pierre Mauduy for a mixed waltz and contemporary number. The trio danced to Barbara Pravi’s Eurovision 2021 second-place entry, “Voilà”. All dressed in white, they gave a touching performance that still put the “Bim Bam Toi” singer at its centre.

Anggun and Carla on DALS 2022: Weeks 1-6

Below you’ll find a roundup of the dances Anggun and Carla performed during episodes one to six of Danse avec les stars 2022. The contestants were premiered on the show in two groups, with Anggun appearing in week one and Carla in week two.

Scores for most individual dances are out of a total of 40. However, in week five, the contestants performed as part of a trio alongside one of the judges. For fairness, this judge was then unable to provide a score, with the final result being determined by the remaining three judges and hence being out of 30.

For the three couples participating in the week one/two choreography challenge, the pairs were ranked and given an extra ten, eight or six points. The combined total from this and their initial dance is given in brackets.


Professional partner: Adrien Caby

Week Dance Bilal Marie-Agnès Chris François Total Score Position on Leaderboard
1 Cha-Cha-Cha 6 6 5 6 23 4th
Choreography Challenge   6 (29)  
2 Not competing
3 American Smooth 7 6 5 6 24 8th
4 Tango 7 7 7 6 27 4th
5 Paso Doble 7 6 6 x 19 7th
6 Quickstep 7 6 6 6 25 5th


Professional partner: Pierre Mauduy

Due to receiving four golden buzzers for her first dance in week two, Carla’s scores were not revealed. Additionally, she was immune from elimination and did not have to undergo the choreography challenge.

Week Dance Bilal Marie-Agnès Chris François Total Score Position on Leaderboard
1 Not competing
2 Contemporary Gold Gold Gold Gold 1st (joint)
Choreography Challenge    
3 Jive 8 8 8 7 31 3rd
4 Salsa 8 8 8 7 31 2nd
5 Waltz / Contemporary x 7 7 6 20 3rd
6 Tango 9 9 8 9 35 3rd

Videos of the performances on the Danse avec les stars YouTube channel are unfortunately geoblocked.

What do you make of Anggun’s journey on Danse avec les stars 2022? Do you think Carla can go on to win the whole thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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11 months ago

Happy for Carla! I think we’ll see her again in Eurovision. The FR TV seems to promote her a lot which is a positive sign for someone involved in ESC.
Sad for Anggun though.

So happy to see Voila used on the show (and re-entering the iTunes chart) plus they also used it on The Voice Portugal. Iconic!

It’s positive how Eurovision becomes more mainstream in France now. It sucks that the interest dropped a lot in 2022 mainly because the act generated zero buzz in France. I hope France returns stronger in 2023.

11 months ago

And speaking about TF1 shows and Eurovision, Voilà was performed last night by a contestant (Enola) during the first show of Star Academy’s 10th season (French version of Operacion Triunfo who was relaunched last night). It was also revealed that the “anthem”/hymn of the season will be Celine Dion winning Eurovision song, Ne Partez pas sans moi.

11 months ago

Billie Crawford ftw!

Esc addict
Esc addict
11 months ago
Reply to  James

My eurofan’s heart would prefer Carla ftw, but I wouldn’t mind Billie Crawford too, he represents a big part of my childhood.

Esc addict
Esc addict
11 months ago

Carla is very talented and she is already part of the Esc family, she is iconic, Bim Bam Toi remains the Jesc song most successful ever and the first and the only one to overpass 100 millions of views so I’d love to see her in the adult Eurovision now that she is old enough. Before that I think she has all her chances to get this DALS victory.