Benidorm Fest 2023 may well be the most anticipated national final of the season, and fans are expected to flock to the Mediterranean city at the beginning of February.

But what would a Eurovision fan gathering be without its parties? Nada. Thankfully there are events on the schedule — and organisers are waiting for you to RSVP.

EuroClubES: Benidorm nights out

Our friends at are organizing EuroClubES for the second year in a row. They’re the site behind Madrid’s PrePartES, which has put a major stamp on the pre-party circuit in recent years.

Four nights (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) of Eurovision music at Benidorm’s Penélope club. You can buy your tickets here.


On Tuesday and Thursday, there will be after parties after Benidorm Fest’s semi-final. Those will take place at Penélope Beach, from 00.00 to 03.30 CET. Tickets for each of them cost 10 euro.

Then, on Friday, there’ll be a full Spanish Night at Penélope Disco, a bigger venue, and with a broader timetable. The party will run from 22.30 to 06.00 CET. This one costs 15 euro.

Finally, on Saturday, the Benidorm Fest after party returns to Penélope Disco. Doors open at 00.00 and until 06.00, there will be plenty of time for eurodrama on the dancefloor. And it’s Spain, you know there will be drama, regardless of who wins. This night will cost 15 euro as well

If you plan to be there the whole week, they’re also selling a ticket pack for 39 euro. That means one night for free.

Now comes the big question: is it worth it? Well, I can only speak for myself, but I’ll tell you I closed the club every single night last year. And it wasn’t just me, it was most of the people who attended. So yeah, you’re in for a great one.

Will we seeing you out in Benidorm? Are you coming? Anything booked already? Want to go but don’t know with whom? Feel free to use our comment section for any doubt, open questions, whatever.

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1 year ago

Nice, Spanish fans partying before they go bully the winner in case it’s not their fave. But if they get a good result, it’s reinaaaaa slayyyy omggg iconiccc.

This hypocrisy makes me sick.

1 year ago

I was there last year and both Penelope Beach and Penelope club were a mess. The Beach venue was too small for the crowds trying to get in, boiling hot with no coach check available and a terribly slow bar. The club venue was the opposite- enormous, freezing cold (obviously Benidorm caters to Spanish summers not winters!) and had maybe 6 bar staff for hundreds of people!

There is an alternative club from the eurofansclub guys who saved Turin by putting on parties at Hiroshima Mon Amour. Rosa Lopez already announced for the Saturday party.