Eurovision 2023 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 20 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 2 here.

Chanel – “P.M.”

Summer is almost upon us and Chanel is here to be part of the season’s soundtrack. Her new single “P.M.” is a catchy pop offering that’s perfect for the sunny days and warm evenings to come. Spain’s Eurovision 2022 star is particularly looking forward to the night time. Chanel sings of how she and her lover will be with each other on the beach: “Dancing in the sand / A single towel / Two soulmates / We left at night and came back a.m. / We passed p.m., p.m., p.m.”.

Murda feat. Hadise – “Sen Dönene Kadar”

Turkish rapper Murda has brought Hadise on board to be part of the new single “Sen Dönene Kadar” (“Until You Return”). The Eurovision 2009 star plays the role of Murda’s ex-girlfriend. But the rapper still wishes they could be together: “I’ll get used to the loneliness until you return / But I can’t get used to being without you / You were my everything after God, be mine and stay”. The music video is set sometime after their breakup, with the pair meeting once again at the wedding of mutual friends.

KALUSH & Jerry Heil – “Стіни”

“And the walls at home are now shaded / I won’t be back in the spring for the first time / Order our songs on the radio / Say my name in the spring”. Eurovision 2022 winner KALUSH has joined Vidbir alum Jerry Heil on the new song “Стіни” (“Walls”). It’s a sombre mix of their styles accompanied by a black and white music video. In a post on Instagram, Jerry Heil shared the message of the song:

“Someone will return home from the war, someone will return only with a memory and a song. The purpose of this song is to remind us that it is worth remembering every day at what cost we are given the integrity of our country.”

Manizha – “Tummy”

Manizha has some exciting news to share — she’s pregnant with her first child. Russia’s Eurovision 2021 representative made the announcement through the music video for her new single “Tummy”. Manizha shows off her baby bump whilst highlighting the strength of women: “Who said only men have nuts? / But the biggest nut / Is my tummy / Tell me, tell me, tell me / Who’s the mommy?”. Congratulations to Manizha!

Laura Tesoro – “BAD ain’t that BAD”

Sometimes things go wrong. But Laura Tesoro isn’t too worried about that and will soldier on with her life … until it gets worse: “So I brace myself, get ready for the next surprise / If life ain’t kind / No, I won’t cry / Uh, except if my cat would diе […] Bad ain’t that bad, no / Bad ain’t that bad, ’til it gets worse”. Belgium’s Eurovision 2016 star delivers a light-hearted electro-pop song with “BAD ain’t that BAD”. The post-chorus, which features additional ukulele strumming, is easily singable for all listeners (la la la…).

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Gözümün Bəbəyi”

For his new musical project, Chingiz Mustafayev is combining his pop, electronic and Azeri music influences together to create an authentic body of work. The first cut from the upcoming EP is “Gözümün Bəbəyi” (“Apple of My Eye”). The Eurovision 2019 star sings about the mistakes he’s made in a relationship and how he hopes they can still stay together: “You understood my lies one by one / You can see my regret on my face / Understand, forgive my sins / Come back, apple of my eye”.

Bertolf feat. Ilse DeLange – “Before The Storm”

Ilse DeLange has been friends with fellow Dutch singer-songwriter Bertolf since 1994. So when the latter was putting his new album together, he decided to invite the Eurovision 2014 silver medallist to be a part of the single “Before The Storm”. The track taps into the pair’s love for bluegrass and country music. Meanwhile, the lyrics see Ilse and Bertolf asking for assistance to keep their life on track: “Help me out this morning / I’ve been looking for a lover when I needed a friend / Talk me down before this storm picks up again”.

Cláudia Pascoal – !!

Eurovision 2018 star Cláudia Pascoal has shared her sophomore album. Following on from 2020’s !, this new one is handily titled !!. The album features 11 songs mixed between three interludes and includes her Festival da Canção 2023 entry “Nasci Maria”. There are a number of collaborations on the LP, such as “Assim Assim” with Natalia Lacunza, who participated in Operación Triunfo and Spain’s Eurovision 2019 national final. The album release also comes with a new music video for Cláudia’s duet with Manuela Azevedo, “Precaução”.

Lauris Reiniks – “Galerijā”

Ever wondered what Latvian-Latin music would sound like? Well now you get to find out courtesy of Lauris Reiniks. The Eurovision 2003 singer is bringing us a summery tune just in time for the season. In the lyrics of “Galerijā” (“Gallery”), Lauris wishes he had the opportunity to spend more time with a certain somebody: “Your photo is still not deleted […] You live in my gallery / I don’t miss what was / Just what could have been”.

Kasia Moś – “Miód”

“It won’t be my home / It’s cheap happiness / We dance in bad weather / We are wrong in a dream / And you already know the sweetness of my lips”. Kasia Moś has gifted us a sweet treat with her new single “Miód” (“Honey”). It’s a mid-tempo R&B track with a sultriness to it. This feeling particularly comes across in the accompanying music video, where Poland’s Eurovision 2017 star dances seductively in a studio.

Eva Boto – “Sam da Ne Zebe”

Many of us are hoping for some sunshine as we head into the summer months. But not Eva Boto. The Slovenian singer wants it to be rainy and dark so she can spend the entire day inside with her partner. Their embrace means Eva won’t be feeling chilly at all: “A hot night is behind us / It’s a cold day ahead / It will be a little up / It will be a little down / I’m not cold”. Musically, “Sam da Ne Zebe” (“I’m not cold”) is a pop rock track with a hand clap motif to get listeners involved.

Svala & Ingi Bauer – “Ein Í Nótt”

Svala is getting us dancing with the new track “Ein Í Nótt” (“One Tonight”). Iceland’s Eurovision 2017 star has collaborated with music producer Ingi Bauer for the house single. It’s club ready and should keep people moving from start to finish.

Vanna – “Kriva Nota”

“I guess I’ll leave a mark / I will find myself in at least one verse / Your songs”. Vanna is hoping her lover will write a song about her. In the meantime, Croatia’s Eurovision 2001 representative can at least write her own — Vanna contributed both the music and lyrics for “Kriva Nota” (“Wrong Note”). The song has fairly simple production to begin but then builds in the final minute thanks to the addition of a backing choir.

Tulia & Halina Mlynkova – “Przerwany”

After no new music from Tulia in 2022, the group are now back with the single “Przerwany” (“Interrupted”). Poland’s Eurovision 2019 act have brought Halina Mlynkova on board for the song. The result is a nice combination of both Tulia’s folk style and Halina’s more contemporary vocal delivery. The lyrics discuss female power and focusing on those people who provide you with positive energy.

Deep Zone Project – “Punta Cana”

Deep Zone Project are taking us to the Caribbean for a slice of summer. Punta Cana is the easternmost town on the Dominican Republic. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2008 group use it as the setting for their new single and music video. “Punta Cana” is sung in Spanish and features a fun trumpet melody in the chorus.

Mia Dimšić – “Ništa Ili Sve”

CMC Festival takes place annually in Croatia around mid-June. Run by TV station Croatian Music Channel, it sees a number of the country’s performers share brand new songs with the audience. Ahead of the festival, this year’s songs have now been released, including one from Mia Dimšić. The Eurovision 2022 alum will be performing “Ništa Ili Sve” (“Nothing or Everything”). It’s a steady pop track that opens with acoustic guitar but then adds in a string line for the chorus.

Boris Novković – “Kome Zvona Zvone” and “S One Strane Ljubavi”

Another Eurovision star who will be appearing at CMC Festival is Boris Novković. Croatia’s 2005 representative will be sharing two brand new songs at the event. The first one is the solo single “Kome Zvona Zvone” (“For Whom The Bell Tolls”). A classic rock offering, it naturally features bell chimes to match the lyrics.

Boris’ second song is “S One Strane Ljubavi” (“From the Other Side of Love”). It’s a duet with Serbian singer Ana Stanić, who competed at Pesma za Evroviziju 22​.

Eliot – Mixtape N°2

Eliot is busy advancing his music style and production skills. Belgium’s Eurovision 2019 participant has now shared a number of demos for songs he’s been working on. Mixtape N°2 – Demos I’ve lost features ten tracks that encompass a mixture of digital and percussion elements.

Vesna – MUSIKA

Following their tenth-place finish at Eurovision 2023, Vesna have dropped a brand new EP. MUSIKA contains four songs, including an acoustic version of their Eurovision entry. The EP builds upon their folk-pop sound and continues to blend elements of the group’s different cultural identities. Opening single “Hej Mami” is also another song that references the bond between women across the world, specifically between a mother and her daughter — “Her love makes me bulletproof”.

Aram MP3 – “Depi Bardzunq”

Here are a couple of “in case you missed them” tracks (like we did at the time, sorry). The 2023 European Weightlifting Championships took place in Yerevan last month. Aram MP3 had the honour of performing the event’s official anthem. “Depi Bardzunq” (“To the top”) is a dramatic track about rising to new heights. It comes with an equally striking music video.

Aliona Moon – “Planeta Ta”

Eurovision 2013 star Aliona is looking beyond the moon and towards another celestial body. The Moldovan singer has found a home on “Planeta Ta” (“Your Planet”). Aliona sings to her lover and thanks them for breaking her fears and taking her in: “I arrive on your planet / I have written so many poems over time / And I painted you in every verse / You made a home for me in your chest / You gave me a universe”. Musically, the song is a mid-tempo ballad that mixes piano with drum-machine beats.

Netta, Daði Freyr, Cornelia Jakobs, Duncan Laurence – Liverpool Songbook

A number of Eurovision All Stars returned to the contest last week in order to perform during the Liverpool Songbook interval act. They performed new versions of songs originally sung by artists from Merseyside. Netta, Daði Freyr, Cornelia Jakobs and Duncan Laurence have released their covers as official singles so we can keep them on rotation.

SuRie – Building a Woman

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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9 months ago

Jerry with another great song that would have got top 5 this year. Hope to see her one the Eurovision stage soon.

9 months ago

Svala‘s new song is such a banger. A bit short though.

9 months ago

Clavaíto by Chanel is a great song, I recommend it to you if you haven’t listened to it yet. But this PM… sorry, no.