Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 24

IRU – “Seen”

Coming off the back of her performance at Eurovision 2023, IRU has now released the follow-up single “Seen”. Singing in Georgian, IRU speaks to a loved one who sadly had to leave this life, but who she still sees everywhere: “I remember / Your touch, skin, endless laughter, hidden / I see you again in other people’s eyes, everywhere, in the sky”. IRU puts this emotion into an R&B offering that features a rap bridge.

Lena – “What I Want”

Lena is starting a new chapter of her music career. Germany’s Eurovision 2010 champion gifts us a solid pop piece with the new single “What I Want”. It sees Lena taking a moment to discover the things she desires in a life partner. Unfortunately, that means she has to let go of the person she’s currently with: “Cuz it’s not what you deserve / I’m not ready to love you the way that I want to / I just need a little time now / To find out / What I want”.

Amaia & Alizzz – “Sexo en la playa”

What are your plans for the summer? Amaia intends on having “Sexo en la playa” (“Sex on the beach”). Spanish singer Alizzz will be joining the Eurovision 2018 alumna for this: “The sun is going down, the day is going to end / The two of us on the beach, the breeze and the sea / The full moon is rising / And your mouth and mine are getting closer”. Musically, the pair deliver a catchy track that easily lends itself to repeat spins.

Victor Vernicos – “The 968 Paradox”

“They say your demons come in knocking / When you’re doing something right / So when they come never stop / So heal me darling, I am open / Oh feel my heartbeat, I am broken”. Victor Vernicos is contemplating the balance between positivity and negativity and how they both feature in our lives. Greece’s Eurovision 2023 star does so through the mid-tempo pop track “The 968 Paradox”. In a press release shared on social media, Victor explained the meaning of the song title:

“The title of the song is inventive. It comes from the number ‘666’, which is seen by many as the number of supreme evil and the opposite of the number, ‘999’, which is considered the number of good and angels. When these two numbers are overlapped, they create 8, the number that symbolizes infinity and is respected by many cultures worldwide.”

Go_A – “Rusalochki”

Rusalna is a traditional Slavic holiday that symbolises the transition from spring to summer. According to ancient beliefs, it’s when deceased family members — known as “Rusalochki” (“The Rusalkas”) — visit their alive relatives. Go_A’s lead singer, Kate, undertook a folklore expedition several years ago in which she was shown by displaced residents of Chernobyl how they accompany Rusalkas to the forest. This was the initial inspiration for the electro-folk song: “I’ll lead you, Rusalka maidens, to the dark wood, dark wood / And I’ll return home, a young bride”. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2021 group deliver a song about trying to live in a new reality and attempting to put the past behind you.

Monika Liu & Gintariniai Laikai – “Nemylėjau tavęs”

Gintariniai Laikai is a musical project that renews classic Lithuanian hits with new versions recorded by contemporary artists. Eurovision 2022 star Monika Liu is the latest artist to join the project and was given the task of performing “Nemylėjau tavęs” (“I didn’t love you”), originally sung by Džordanos Butkutės. Monika puts her own spin on the song, which is about the singer admitting that she toyed with someone else’s emotions: “With you I only played, I lied a lot / Such a pity you – that you are so lonely […]  I didn’t love you / But I was silent for a lot / I just liked your presence”.

Olta Boka & Reshit Boka – “Kolazh i Shqiperise se Mesme”

Buckle yourself in for ten minutes of Albanian folk music courtesy of Olta Boka. The Eurovision 2008 singer has recorded a collection of traditional songs titled “Kolazh i Shqiperise se Mesme” (“Collage of Central Albania”). At the halfway point, Olta is joined by her father Reshit and the two of them finish the piece together. Olta notes on Instagram: “I have long felt that the public should know another side of me since I was cultivated in music since childhood thanks to my father”.

Like his Eurovision 2023 entry, “Artist” comes from Theodor Andrei’s 2022 album Fragil. The Romanian singer has now shared a music video for the song. In between Theodor playing the piano, there are also clips from his performance at Selecția Națională and the Eurovision pre-parties. Theodor tackles some of the hate comments that he and other artists can receive, saying he just wants to share his art with the world: “I’m just an artist with a story / An artist – nothing more / A bohemian represented by songs / That hasn’t always done what they wanted”.

Aija Andrejeva – “Pērkons pāries”

Aija Andrejeva wants to remind us that better days are always ahead. Latvia’s Eurovision 2010 representative has dropped the soft rock offering “Pērkons pāries”, which translates to “The thunder will pass”. Andrejeva hopes the song will help people break free of the darkness and move forward into the light, as she states on Instagram:

“May this song and video inspire you not to get lost in your own inner darkness! I wish people could talk and share their feelings. May no one fall into their bubble of horror and darkness. We have so many people around us ready to help! May this song serve as inspiration to those who have been found in this darkness, help to rise up and move on. Everything is transient, but most importantly – people around us and nature that heals. I hope that this song will heal many hearts too – may we all succeed in being happy!”

Cartoon feat. Elina Born – “Flashback”

Estonian DJ trio Cartoon have dropped the EDM track “Flashback”. The Eesti Laul 2016 alumni have brought in Eurovision 2015 star Elina Born to provide the vocals, singing: “This is like a flashback, this is like a dream / This is like all the things you can fit inside a memory”. You may recognise the lyrics, as they’re taken from Calvin Harris’ 2009 hit of the same name.

Andre Fischer feat. Jamie-Lee – “Reset”

Many of us have moments in life where we wish we could hit the “Reset” button to try again. That’s exactly what Jamie-Lee sings about in her latest single. Germany’s Eurovision 2016 act has teamed up with Andre Fischer for the song.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “The Moment”

“Whenever I think I understand / Life only throws me questions again / Oh, when will I be right where I want / It’s never too late to live in the moment”. Ryan O’Shaughnessy is trying to focus on the here and now. “The Moment” takes listeners into an almost dreamlike state where they’re reminded to slow down and enjoy the ride of life. Ireland’s Eurovision 2018 representative spoke more about the song on social media:

“Something I’ve struggled with since I can remember is trying to stay truly present in everything I do. Not looking forward too far and not living in the past. This song is a reminder to myself that it’s ok to begin again, take a breath and try to stay present.”

Karl Killing feat. Jüri Pootsmann – “minuga”

Eesti Laul alum Karl Killing has brought Eurovision 2016 star Jüri Pootsmann on board for his new single. “minuga” (“with me”) has a subtlety to its production, but it still manages to create a cool and fresh atmosphere. Lyrically, the two Estonian singers are hoping to take the relationship with their lover to the next level: “I know we are getting serious / The moon howls in the sky / I swear love / (Please) become mine / become mine / With me”.

Luka – “When You’re Drunk”

At just under two minutes in length, Luka’s new track is relatively short. But it’s still oh so sweet. “When You’re Drunk” sees Belgium’s Eurovision 2020 singer delivering a pulsing drum and bass track. In the lyrics, Luka comments on how a particular person’s worst qualities always come to the forefront after they’ve had a few too many drinks: “Think it’s time for you to go home / I bet you won’t / You have a more aggressive tone / What you say doesn’t make sense at all […] I hate nothing more / When you’re drunk”.

Citi Zēni & Labvēlīgais Tips – “Baļļīte”

Citi Zēni are throwing a hot tub party — “Ballīte” —  and they’ve invited along fellow Latvian band Labvēlīgais Tips to join them. The two groups hope to heat things up: “When I climb inside / Water too hot in the tub / My neighbours are complaining / But I promise louder”. Much like the Eurovision 2022 act, Labvēlīgais Tips are known for adding a touch of humour to their songs. In the music video’s description, Citi Zēni’s lead singer, Jānis Pētersons, noted how glad he was that they could collaborate:

“One of our dreams has come true and we have released a joint song with our idols. More than once, we have heard various comparisons between the groups Citi Zēni and Labvēlīgais Tips, so it seemed only logical to create something powerful together. Hopefully we succeeded.”

Lior Narkis – “חתונה בישראל”

Are you planning a “חתונה בישראל” (“Wedding in Israel”)? If you are, then Lior Narkis has a new song for your reception disco playlist. The Eurovision 2003 alum has collaborated with DJs Vivo and Offir Cohen for the upbeat party track. Narkis sings: “We counted down the 30 day waiting period / We threw a party for the glory of the country / The alcohol starts to travel in our body / Because there is a wedding tonight, a wedding in Israel”.

Paula Seling – “Noapte Calda”

“Noapte Calda” (“Hot Night”) is 23 years old. The song featured on Paula Seling’s 2000 album Știi ce înseamnă (să fii fericit) and has since been covered by several singers. Romania’s two-time Eurovision star has now returned to the song and recorded a brand new version featuring funky new brass accompaniment. In the lyrics, Seling ponders what she and a special someone might get up to on a hot summer’s night: “It’s a hot night and I feel good next to you / I wonder what a night together might bring us”.

Gali Atari – “חזקה מהרוח 2023”

Gali Atari first released “חזקה מהרוח” (“Stronger than the wind”) in 1992. She was approached to release a 2023 version of the song in honour of pride month, specifically dedicated to the transgender community in Israel. She of course said yes, and the result is an updated electronic-dance rendition of the track with a music video that utilises AI technology. In a post on Instagram, Israel’s Eurovision 1979 winner commented on her allyship for the transgender community:

“I also salute this community of women, men, that choose freedom, to do what they love, that will make them good. Women who are stronger than the wind are stronger than the storm. When each one has their own brave story and like the chicken in the sand they grew from broken worlds.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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lasse braun
lasse braun
1 year ago

go_a is boss here!

1 year ago

Ahhh Kate <3, I wish Go_A would release the rest of their new songs sooner. Monika Liu is always a treat to listen to

1 year ago

Mikolas also has a new song called Delilah, it was released last week :).

1 year ago

I suppose there’s a second part coming soon, because Gjon’s Tears got a new album too. Half French/ Half English

1 year ago

I just got it in Spotify UK this week.

1 year ago

we love you Victor <3 <3

1 year ago

Måns Zelmerlöw!

1 year ago

Kateryna & Go_A are amazing!