Interviews With Harel Skaat

Y’all keep asking Wiwi for more video footage of Harel Skaat. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the kinds of videos y’all wanted. This is NOT that kind of web site. But I did find some interviews with Harel in English, and in Hebrew with English subtitles. He has such a nice manner about him. Douze points from Wiwi!

Harel, after being announced as Israel’s representative (Hebrew with English subtitles):

Harel with Lior Shlyan (Hebrew with English subtitles):

Interview with If he doesn’t win, he can always be a model:

Harel on how the last year has changed his life:

Harel recording with full orchestra:

Harel with his brother. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Harel on the popular Harel Moyal show: