Wiwi Jury: MILKI or Beatrys should win EuroFest 2015 in Belarus

After months of build-up, leaked songs, and talk of a return from Alyona Lanskaya, EuroFest 2015 — Belarus’ Eurovision 2015 selection — will finally take place on December 26. In recent weeks the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals — has been listening to each and every one of the 15 finalists. The seven jurors individually assessed each song and then awarded it a score out of 10. Their scores were then averaged. The jury consists of Americans, Brits, and Finns — but no Belarusians. Consider this an international take on Belarus’ national competition.

As you can see below, Alexander Rybak’s girl group MILKI came out on top with an average score of 8. “It’s catchy, fun, and totally going on my iPhone playlist!” one juror wrote. Another said that “the Belarusian sections are a welcome addition that help it stand out a la ‘My Slowianie’.

Finishing a close second — with an average score of 7.57 — was another girl group Beatrys. “I love the leather, I love the attitude and I love the message” of female empowerment, one juror wrote, while another called it “Belarus’ best effort this year.” No other acts managed to score above a 6.42.

You can see the final standings below and read our complete reviews by clicking on the act’s name. And you can watch the show live on December 26 from 20:00 CET on this link.

EuroFest 2015: Reviews and rankings from the Wiwi Jury

1. MILKI — “Accent” (8)

2. Beatrys — “Fighter” (7.57)

3. Anastasia Malashkevich — “Don’t Save My Name” (6.42)

Tasha ODI — “Giving Up Your Love” (6.42)

5. Janette — “Supernova” (6.14)

6. Lis — “Angel (5.86)

7. Valeria Sadovskaya — “Summer Love” (5.5)

8. Napoli — “My Dreams” (5.36)

9. Vitaly Voronko —”Drive” (5.14)

10. Uzari & Maimuma — “Time” (5.07)

Aleksey Gross — “Stand as One” (5.07)

12. Gunesh — “I Believe in a Miracle” (4.71)

13. Yana & Muzzart — “Only Dance” (2.93)

14. Rostany — “Electric Toys” (2.36)

15. Daria — “Love Is My Colour” (1.29)

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