Golden girl! Czech Republic’s Martina Barta rocks foiled space suit during first rehearsal


She’s a jazzy singer with a smooth voice and a quietly powerful song. And during her first rehearsal at Eurovision 2017 Czech Republic’s Martina Barta used edgy staging to make her classic number more contemporary. The rehearsal opens with her hunched on the floor — back to camera — and wearing what appears to be a space suit made of gold tin foil. She slowly stands and, like her predecessor Gabriela Guncikova, undoes her pony tail to show a sassy woman in total control of herself.

The stage is bathed in purple and golden light — but this isn’t the gold we’ve seen countless times before. It’s warmer and has a celestial feel, creating the sense this song isn’t of this Earth. At various times the LED nods to her official music video by flashing images of its cast in their underwear. Later, the LED is covered in oversized eyeballs, conveying a sense of intimacy and “look into my soul” realness.

As ever Martina delivered the song with poise and rich vocals. She also proved that you don’t have to shout to make an impact. This remains a borderline qualifier at best, but it’s not destined for the bottom of the semi.

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Photo: (EBU)