Nina Kraljic sings in a whirlpool of sound in new single “Vir”


At Eurovision 2016, she took Croatia back to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in seven years with her song “Lighthouse”. Now Nina Kraljic has released the music video to her new single “Vir” (Whirlpool). The song is featured on her album ‘“Samo” (Only), which she released last year. It follows on from her last single released late last year, titled “Snijeg” (Snow).

Like Nina’s previous songs featured in her album, this “Vir” features her beautiful voice and her trademark sounds with ethnic and mystical tones. Although in some ways it sounds similar to her other songs featured in the album, “Vir” is unique in its own way.

As the title of the song suggests, “Vir” creates a whirlpool of sound and captivates the listener in a trance. The song is written by Ines Prajo and Arijana Kunštek who have written other songs on Nina’s album.

In the video, we find Nina wearing an edgy black dress, sitting in a bare attic. In another part of the old house, a man and a woman perform an interpretive dance to the song. It creates a spooky ambiance that perfectly matches the feeling of the song.

Songwriter Arijana Kunštek explained the thought behind the song:

The song “Vir” tells us about times we live in today and the world in which angry wars and ecological disasters occur. The song speaks to the people who are fighting against such troubles and walking on the edge. It was pretty fast to write the song in one afternoon, while we were drinking coffee. We all loved it and it was a pleasure to work on it.

The new music video is directed by Krešimir Cizmek, and features dancers Martina Ivankovic and Dino Baksa. For the music video, Nina said that she “decided to symbolise the inner struggle between the girl and her subconscious”.

It certainly is different to her other songs in her album and it’s another great sign of Nina making the most of Eurovision. Whilst the song itself might lack the popular appeal of “Lighthouse”, it’s still very true to Nina, but with a twist.

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