Poll Results: Tayanna is your favourite to win Ukraine’s Vidbir 2018 with “Lelya”


She’s the Ukrainian star who told us “I Love You” in 2017. Now, with 5,382 votes cast in total, Tayanna is your favourite once again to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. She topped our Vidbir 2018 poll, with her upbeat entry “Lelya”.

Get your dance on, y’all! “Lelya” is high energy and Tayanna makes sure to use every bit of the Vidbir stage in her performance. Tayanna received 2,088 votes in total, around 39% of the total vote.

Tayanna missed out on representing her country in Kyiv thanks to the public vote. Does this result give her more hope for Lisbon?

It might not be quite that easy, though. Just behind Tayanna is Mélovin, with “Under the Ladder”. The charismatic and unique former X Factor winner is a real challenger for the win.

He received 1,930 votes in our poll, about 36%, putting him very close to Tayanna indeed. We could be in for a very tense final indeed!

It certainly looks like y’all think this is a two horse race though. Vilna finished third, but over 1,300 votes behind Mélovin’s second place. And it’s bad news for The Erised, who finish last with just 183 votes in total.

Poll Results: Who should win Vidbir 2018?

  • Tayanna — “Lelya”: 2,088 votes (39%)
  • Mélovin — “Under the Ladder”: 1,930 votes (36%)
  • Vilna — “Forest Song”: 623 votes (12%)
  • Kadnay — “Beat of the Universe”: 349 votes (6%)
  • Laud — “Waiting”: 209 votes (4%)
  • The Erised — “Heroes”: 183 votes (3%)

Total Votes: 5,382

Tonight’s final of Vidbir 2018 airs from 18:00 CET and will be streamed on YouTube here. As well as performing their own songs, the finalists will perform a Eurovision medley, whilst Jamala will debut her latest single.

What do you think of the poll results? Do you think that it’s Tayanna’s victory to take, or can Mélovin snatch victory? Could another act rise up to surprise us all? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments.

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