Vasyl Lazarovich, Ukraine, I Love You 2010

Vasyl Lazarovich must think he’s a cassanova. Why else would he sing the saccharine ballad I Love You? Its overly sentimental-maudlin-mawkish lyrics include such doozies as: “You, so beautiful to me, my endless melody, you are my destiny” and the rather repetitive chorus “I love you, I love you, I love you….” YUCK! And did you catch his Mariah Carey moment at 2:30? WTF?!

On March 8, Vasyl went from cheesy to decidedly creepy when he released the following video to commemorate International Women’s Day. Does he actually think the ladies are going to feel special because he says “all women” (as in half of the planet’s population) inspire him? Is “inspire” a Ukrainian euphamism for something naughty? Dude needs to check himself!

Watch all of the Eurovision 2010 contestants here on Wiwi’s Video Player!

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11 years ago

ewwww. 0 points from spain!