Iceland may be tiny, but its singers can belt it out like Eyjafjallajökull! (Hello Hera Bjork). Amid a deep talent pool at Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2012, Iceland’s national selection for Eurovision, Gréta Salóme and Jónsi have emerged as your favorites. They won Wiwi’s voters poll with 50% of all votes, followed by 2008 contestant Regína Ósk Óskarrsdóttir who earned 15%. You can check out the full results and watch their semi-final performance below. You can also watch a live stream of Iceland’s national final tonight on RUV’s official web site from 20:30 CET.

1. Gréta Salóme and Jónsi – Mundu eftir mér 50%
2. Regína Ósk Óskarrsdóttir – Hjartað brennur 15.48%
3. Magni Ásgeirsson – Hugarró 11.9%
4. Greta Salóme, Heiða and Guðrún Árný – Aldrei sleppir mér 8.33%
5. Blár Opal – Stattu upp 7.14%
7. Rósa Birgítta Ísfeld – Stund med 3.57%
7. Simbi og Hrútspungarnir – Hey 3.57%

Listen to the favorites:

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10 years ago

Hmmmm. Regina’s song is disappointing.

10 years ago

I think Iceland’s field is really weak this year. Where is the new Yohanna? The new Hera? Sad.