Anggun—the luscious diva representing France at Eurovision 2012—has been touring Europe promoting her entry “Echo (You and I).” As part of that, she’s already made appearances at national finals in Malta, where she gave an on-stage interview, and Ukraine. On both occasions she’s demonstrated grace, poise, and an ability to lip-synch while looking pretty. We applaud you, Anggun! In any case, the Indonesian-born singer is recording her experiences and sharing them with the world on her official web site.

In the first episode, which you can watch below, she appears in her dressing room and lumps praise on the Maltese contestants. “I’ve listened to some of the songs and I have to say they are really great songs with really great singers,” she says. “I’m excited to see whoever is going to win.” Um, Wiwi is fairly certain she was not referring to the ultimate winner Kurt Calleja, who only managed to score 3.75/10 with the Wiwi Jury. Anyway, you can watch the first installment of Anggun’s video series below.


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