Vebooboo: What a classy performance from an elderly gentleman. Engelbert really commands the stage, even if he did wear ragged jeans and a t-shirt in today’s first rehearsal. (You can actually by Engelbert t-shirts on our web site). A welcome surprise was the sight of an interpretive dancing couple who play a minimal role in the staging but make their presence known at critical moments. It’s a pity Engelbert has such a bad starting position, because he actually has the potential to do quite well. But at least on the plus side he’ll get to go to bed for a few hours while waiting for the competition to finish!

Wiwi: The opening lines of Engelbert Humperinck’s Eurovision entry seem to describe the singer himself: “So graceful and pure/ A smile bathed in light/ No matter the distance/ A miracle of sight.” His song carries with it all his life experience: you can feel the pain as he sings about loving someone enough to let them go, and I think the couple dancing brings this into sharper focus. The emotion in his voice gives this song a visceral quality. It’s as if he’s looking back over his many years and mourning a relationship of his own. But if I’m honest, I prefer the music video. And I really hope Engelbert sorts out his hair before next Saturday.


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Brenda Merlino
11 years ago

Engelbert is the best!