In “Euphoria,” Loreen describes an ongoing romance as “an everlasting piece of art.” Can the same be said of her official video?

The answer is a big fat NO. Directed by Marcus Söderlund—who has four Grammy nominations under his belt—the video turns to nature for inspiration. That has the unintended consequence of making Loreen a supporting character. Loreen, who clearly doesn’t have any allergies to pollen, frolics in a field and, as at Eurovision, frequently disappears behind her four-foot-long hair. We see so little of her face—and so many wide-angle shots of grass—that you wonder if it is actually Loreen in the video. It’s not until 2:36 that we actually see any color. When the snow starts to fall—yes, the same trick as at Eurovision—there’s an overwhelming since of, “We’ve seen this all before.” I actually preferred her Eurovision performance. The colors popped. The camera zoomed in on her face. We just had a much stronger sense that Loreen was present.

And one other thing. The falling snow starts to look like dandruff when Loreen throws her head around. We suggest Loreen consult France’s Anggun on how Pantene can sort her out.


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