Austria has already given us the glory of Nadine Beiler and the strippers-on-a-poll of the Trackshittaz. Now it’s time for fair Österreich to throw us another contestant for Eurovision 2013 with “Österreich rockt den Song Contest”, their naitonal selection. But who do you think that should be?

Austrian Broadcaster ORF has finally revealed the five finalists and their songs. Now it’s up to you to listen to those ditties and vote in our poll below. You can listen to them by clicking here, but we will also insert YouTube videos below when they become available. This poll closes on February 14 at noon—one day before the Austrian national final.

Please note that the contestants will be required to perform their original song and a Eurovision cover (Azerbaijan style). That’s why you see both their song and a song of yore listed below.

The Finalists

Falco Luneau – “Rise above the Night” / “What’s Another Year” (Johnny Logan, 1980)

Natália Kelly – “Shine” / “Ne partez pas sans moi” (Céline Dion, 1988)

The Bandaloop – “Back to Fantasy” / “Waterloo” (ABBA, 1974)

Elija – “Give Me a Sign” / “Euphoria” (Loreen, 2012)

Yela – “Feel Like Home” / “Love Shine a Light” (Katrina & The Waves, 1997)


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11 years ago

Very close in terms of quality, so well done Österreich.
I give a slight edge to “Shine” based partly on imagined stage presence.