Ahead of the official Eurovision 2013 welcome ceremony, each of the singers worked the red carpet in Malmö. The team from WiwiBloggs.com were standing by the velvet rope and snapped candid shots of each of this year’s contestants. You’ve seen the airbrushed photos. Now it’s time to see the un-doctored ones and decide who worked the red carpet best.

We’ll be conducting our Red Carpet Showdown Wimbledon-style with contestants facing off in a series of heats. Our first battle will be between Britain’s Bonnie Tyler and Russia’s Dina Garipova.

The “Believe in Me” singer is working black from H to T. Black pumps with a towering heel give Bonnie height, while her large shoulder pads smack of the power she weilded throughout the 80s. We respect that Bonnie, who isn’t exactly a spring chicken, feels comfortable enough to show us a little chest action with a partly see-through top. Her Union Jack flag really pops against all monochrome magic.

Bonnie Tyler Red Carpet Eurovision

Dina Garipova may have sung “What If?” at Eurovision, but her outfit smacks of Michael Jackson’s “It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White.” This dress has a Buranovskiye Babushki vibe to it—minus all the bright colors. Despite being a huge star, she seems nervous and almost giddy on the red carpet. We love that. We also love that her entourage supported her by wearing lots of black themselves (well, all of them besides the Smurf).

Russia Dina Garipova Red Carpet Eurovision

So who wore it better? Let us know in the poll below. This heat will end in 48 hours—at 5pm GMT on Thursday July 4.

Results: This poll is now closed, and you guys believe that Bonnie worked the red carpet better.

Bonnie Tyler earned 116 votes, or 75.32%. Dina Garipova earned 38 votes (24.68%). That means Bonnie advances to the next round, while Dina goes home. Stay tuned for the next round of Eurovision Red Carpet!

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Photos: wiwibloggs.com

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David Thielen
David Thielen
11 years ago

Dina came across like a shy High School girl on the red carpet, which very well could have been genuine. I liked that a lot better than Bonnie’s professional working of the crowd.

11 years ago

Dina looks likes she’s going to go out and milk the cows. Bonnie is dressed plainly, but stylish.

11 years ago

Dina is to old fashioned dressed:)) Bonny looks very cool, so I voted Bonny!!!