Back in 2002, Ira Losco gave Malta its best result to date placing second with the song 7th Wonder at theEurovision Song Contest in Talinn.  Since then she’s been an unstoppable force in her home country, playing to audiences as large as 70,000 people. This led to a lifetime achievement award and a national medal for making Malta proud in the international music scene.

Her fifth album “The Fire has maintained the no.1 spot for 11 consecutive weeks on Malta’s iTunes whilst the previous singles from this album have topped the digital and airplay charts. The third single “Me Luv U Long Time” has already hit the number one position in Malta, and more singles are being planned for both the Maltese and international markets.

The black and white video that accompanies this release is modern. Taking on the aesthetic dance quality of world famous choreographer Anna Teresa de Keersmarker, this is a pop video that tells a story. It has a hint of the sixties punk, and it fuses elements of rock and pop. The fusion is seamless, and it highlights the strength of Losco’s vocals. If marketed well, this could be a big UK hit- the ‘Oh My Daze’ line begs for a UK-wide release.

There is a remarkable similarity to Lady Gaga’s Applause with regards to my lukewarm response to the track. However, the art community will be impressed by Losco’s efforts. She is a star who isn’t resting on her laurels as Malta’s strongest Eurovision participant. Yes, Malta would love to have her back as a representative. But she’s clever. She’s using the contest as a springboard for other projects, and has released lots of material to critical and commercial success.

Rating: 3.5/5

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10 years ago