Janis Driksna, the lead singer of Dziesma fialist MyRadiantU, is gearing up for Saturday’s national final in Latvia. He recently spoke with our Austrian correspondent Patrick Mebler about the band’s song, who he views as his biggest competition, and how his fans give the band its power. Here are the highlights of their conversation.

Congrats on making the final. How does it feel?

Thank you! It’s my pleasure. We can tell that Eurovision is like a great celebration. Our band is very excited about the national finals. At the same time we always remember that Eurovision is a competition, and yes, we want to win.

Your song is called “Going all the way”. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

“Going All The Way” is about going forward and not looking back. At different moments in our life we all have our doubts. We believe that faith helps us reach our goals.

Whay did you decide to enter the contest?

“Going All The Way” was meant to be our third single, but when we found out about the Eurovision deadlines we decided to make the song according to Eurovision standarts – basically, we had to make it 3 minutes long. It was a spontaneous move but we don’t regret it.

ek0nHow did you feel when you made the final? Do you have any changes planned for your performance in the final?

We were very excited to get through the semifinal. It was truly a fairytale. We won’t change much regarding our final performance but we will have more backvocals to improve our sound.

Have you heard the other songs competing for the ticket to Copenhagen? Which songs do you like and who you do think is your biggest competition?

We’ve listened to the other songs during the rehearsals. There are several songs wich we really like. We think Dons, Olga and Samanta Tina will be our biggest competition. Also Ralf Eilands & Valter Püce have a really good song.

Who motivates you?

I think that the support of our families, friends and of course our fans gives us the most power. We have the best team this year for the Eurovision, and everybody is doing all they can – giving all the energy and time – so that our song would be the best.

Are you Eurovision fans? What is your favourite Latvian entry in Eurovision history?

I’ve always watched Eurovision. It’s a big event for me every year. My favourite Latvian entry is “My Star” by “Brainstorm“. It was really wonderful.

MyRadiantU_fotosesija6Do you have a message for our readers on wiwibloggs.com?

I wish to all readers, fans and followers of wiwibloggs.com to be inspired by each other. Go for your own way. And vote for your favourite Eurovision song!

It was a honour to speak with you. I wish you good luck and maybe you’ll win the heart of Latvia on Saturday!

Thank you so much for taking your time. It was really nice to speak with you.


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Patrick Melbler contributed this report from Austria. Follow him on Twitter @eurovisionboy77. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following wiwibloggs.com on Twitter and Facebook.

Photos: MyRadiantU