Following the floods in eastern Croatia, the country’s national broadcaster HRT organized a series of charity concerts for those in need. Collectively known as “Hrvatska pomaze”, the concerts took place in the country’s three biggest cities — Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. Naturally several former Eurovision participants and dozens of national finalists came out to support those in need.

Severina 2014

However, all roads led to Zagreb, where the main star was Severina, Croatia’s Eurovision 2006 participant, along with her son Aleksandar. Aleksandar, her son from a brief relationship with Serbian mining magnate Milan Popovic, wore a badge with the number on which viewers could call to donate money.

Severina’s new single #Brazil

A few days before the concert, Severina was a guest at Story magazine’s birthday party. She glittered in a dazzling black lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Severina 2014Interestingly, Donatella Versace wore a similar dress during her Cannes appearance. It’s good that Severina was looking high fashion. She won the inaugural Story: Hall of fame award as a performer of the year.

But there’s more good news, especially for all y’all football fans. Our Croatian pop queen recently took us by surprise by releasing the song “#Brazil”.

The samba-esque song may or may not be her greatest effort, but it makes us move and feel like Brazil 2014 is closer than we think. The slide show in the video features Severina with flowers and palm trees in the background. We love that #Copacabana t-shirt! Here’s what Severina had to say about the song on Facebook.

The song is sweet as sugar. Not a classic fan song, but one for the whole family. When I heard it, I could not resist. 

#Brazil lyrics—Severina

We force the gray clouds
smile is our middle name
and good luck we spread as the infection.

Leave all,
all serious topics
worry and stress
and all dilemmas
let’s go
to South America.

Oh, oh, oh,
feel this rhythm,
dance and enjoy,
Brazil and samba,
Rio and Carnival

The sand under our feet
We are crazy as hell
we drink, it is known,
in the rhythm of salsa,
when Croatia plays

Forget pessimism
switch to optimism
trick evil,
come on, you can do it.

We can hear the roar
everybody in strike
North and South,
East and West
sing all
when Vatreni play


1th photo: Slavko Midzor/PIXSELL from

2nd photo: Severina’s official facebook page / Matea Smolcic – Sencar

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7 years ago

i cannot believe that conchita did this to all the innocent balkan people… i thought she seemed like a sweet person , not cruel and evil as we all know she is now