In recent days more than 50 people have died in floods and landslides in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. In response Austria, Slovenia and the UK have announced they will send 400 soldiers to help with the ongoing EU relief operation.

But soldiers aren’t the only ones showing their support for flood victims in the Balkans. Bosnia’s Eurovision 2011 contestant Dino Merlin—perhaps Bosnia’s most revered singer—has released a special video for his song “Ruza”. The lyrics reminds us that svako ima nekoga da mu ruke pruža—everyone has a pair of hands to lend someone. The call for help is accompanied with stirring black-and-white images of flood-ravaged towns and people struggling to rebuild their lives.

It’s Merlin’s wish that those coping with loss will find their way back to normality and peace. Surely all the displaced people will remember the ravages of the day. But hopefully they’ll also remeber these images of survival, and the bond they now share with one another: “In those mild eyes of yours/ Of chestnut color/ That wonder of all wonders of the universe/ Some pictures never die.”

Dino Merlin — RUŽA (ROSE) — English LYRICS

The sorrow woke me up on Sabah
Instead of your hand
And like I’ve dived on the breath
In wild waters
Hot summer, hot day
You and me
One beautiful melody

A boy on the grass would like to jump
At the dawn of time
In those mild eyes of yours
Of chestnut color
And that wonder of all wonders of the universe
Some pictures never die

In every garden grows one rose
And everyone has hands to give to someone
And I have you, my rose
One you, and a hundred disturbances

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8 years ago

Lol, I hope you were ironic, Dhani? 😛

I didn´t like “Rise like a Phoenix” but this is bullshit. xD A better reason should be that Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia withdrew this year :p

8 years ago

Hey Wiwibloggs, could you please remove the incredibly offensive comments from morons like Dhani?

8 years ago

i think that Conchita should give a huge apology to the whole balkan region, for causing the floods. i can’t believe she did this to all the balkan-people….